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actual German word 


word consists of: Beruf, Haft, Pflicht, Versicherung

I don't know what it means exactly, but I have to use it at work rn

Not actually political, but maybe it will be interpreted as such in the replies 

I will call it Turkey.

I will call them North and South Korea.

I will call it Bosnia.

And I will ALWAYS call it the ivory coast.

Fuck 'official' country names. I'll call them whatever I like.

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Interesting opinions poll from RePlanet NGO across EU audience — overwhelming majority of Europeans support transition to low-carbon energy sources *and* acceleration of #renewables *and* extensions of existing #nuclear power *and* construction of new nuclear. This is very optimistic result, as it's 100% supported by science, while "environmental" activism that portrays nuclear as some kind of competition to renewables is no better than climate denial.

whenever someone tells me how much more advanced the USA is compared to Europe, I don't tell them that they're wrong, I just say "slave labor sure is handy, isn't it". Haven't gotten a good response to that yet.

So I just found out that gaelic scots were subjected to genocide by the brits. Also, the Scottish empire wasn't gaelic at the time, but many of the things we now consider Scottish, and which modern Scotland is proud of, are Scottish gaelic things - the bagpipes, the Clans, the kilts, etc.

I don't know how to feel about this.

petition to categorize nursery rhymes (songs, specifically) as cognitohazards do doo dodo doo.

shitpost abt. MS Teams 

Microsoft Teams is actually way ahead of its time. In about 20 years, a computer will be made that can handle it without lagging. In about 50 years, even the average person can own one.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as America, is in fact, US/America, or as I've recently taken to calling it, US of A. America is not a governance system unto itself, but rather a pair of continents on a fully functioning Earth system made useful by the USA demolibs, shell corporations and vital system components comprising a full nation as defined by the constitution.

because it's trending. I won't comment on the issue because it's complicated.

Nintendo characters if Nintendo was German 

Markus, Ludwig, Warkus, Waludwig
Prinzessin Krötenwerkzeug (Pfirsich), Prinzessin Gänseblümchen, Rosaline, Paula
König Suppreis, Suppreis der Jüngere (look up Bowsers etymology lol), Esel Kong
Kröte, Krötine, Kröterich
Josua, Vogli

German > English 

German be like: dustsucker.

You already know what it means. No misnomer (vacuum) and no brand name (hoover), just a simple description of what it does.

Help! I've been watching top gear for the last two hours and now I can't stop talking British. This is bloody awful!

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@eichkat3r 🎵Gott erhalte Eich den Kat3r, unsern lieben Kat3r Eich! 🎵

you should start cussing with religious and imperialistic imagery.

"Lord in the heavens, if something something, God save the Queen!"

I can do that a lot better in German though, not sure if it's because of the language or my familiarity with it.

"Herrgott im Himmel, wenn x y z, dann schützet Franz den Kaiser!"

Why do the worst countries have the best anthems?

I mean, USSR and azerbaijan have the best ones by far! The Ottomans aren't far behind.

I can only dream of what nazi germany could've produced if they hadn't used the preexisting anthem (which is still in use today btw)

Thinking about a scene in top gear where hammond describes a piece from mozart as 'german music', without any comment from the other two, nor from any post-production note.

"all PR is good PR"

ok but why aren't you doing anything to change that then? boycott bad companies, do it!

tagging @freeplay - maybe you have an idea how to make this work better?

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making my new homepage & struggling to make my color scheme look good

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