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komm susser tod stuck in my head all day edition 24 hour youtube video my life it all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling downnnnnbb in my heart of hearts I know that I could never love again I’ve lost eeeeeverythingbgg EEEEEEVERYTHINGGGGG EVERYTHING THAT MAYTERS TO KE MAYTERS UB THID WOOOOTTRRRLLLDDDDD

Cute of my regularly scheduled headaches, jaw pain, back pain, gut pain, cramps, hip knee and ankle pains to happen all at once???? LIKE OK LMAO ITS A PARTY NOW I GUESS??? LIES COMPLETELY MOTIONLESS

[me desperately trying to explain to my mom that all of my words are jumbling together and my short term memory is in the shitter]
My mom: did you drink water today?
Me: :0

I went nonverbal in the middle of the day and I’m like. Why tho lmao

They deleted the terf stuff thank FUCKING god ok cool we can stan again


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@Rigamo12 there’s a chance they didn’t know what they were retweeting bc they were respectful towards nonbinary people in the past so I’m like. What is the truth.

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An artist that I REALLY liked posted some terf shit and now I’m like. Cool glad to know I still can’t trust anybody lmao

Ok if I know you and you wanna follow @Jakkro lmk or follow it quick I’m probably gonna lock it soon o7

I’m really sorry to vent I feel like I’m being obnoxious. I’m just. So tired

Anyways I might have to have surgery LMAOOOOOOO 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

medical stuff 

Day 100000 of me asking doctors why I’m in horrible pain every day of my life and them doing a Fun Invasive Procedure on me and telling me “idk lmao you want more invasive procedures done on you perhaps?”

When Mitski said “and I was so young when I behaved twenty five, yet now I find I’ve grown into a tall child” in the same song with the chorus “please, hurry, leave me, I can’t breathe. Please don’t say you love me”.

That’s it. That is all.

I’ve had chronic joint pain in my legs since I was a kid and now it’s finally reached my hips and lower back 🙃

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