Proudboys piss 

Just some twin cities seasons greetings! 🎇

I have been isolated for so long that I'm now making memes

the US government has designated #nightcrew as a "domestic terrorist" organization

🧙‍♀️ Hello 🧙 my people 🧙‍♂️

Please enjoy this mysterious image

Has some liquid but not "wet" posting 

Maybe 💧M O I S T💧 hits so good to me because it's forbidden...

💦or maybe it's just the round tone and soft hiss punctuated with the sharp snap at the end 💦

Damp word posting 

the power of the word M O I S T is vastly underrated and can be weaponized to fight the dark agents in this world

uspol damp word posting 

imma mail a letter to every politician that supported overturning the election results with a piece of paper that just says in giant letters


at first i thought @barbolarbo was a super stoned master shitposter but then i realized dudes just really dropping that good good

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.


Lol look at this fucking idiot who thought he could show up to the Capitol to tell the government to open up the city so he would go back to work 😂. Next time maybe just send an email dude...don't think the gov is taking appointments outside the Capitol lol

An actual good article on . Remember, GFS is STILL AN AUTONOMOUS ZONE run entirely by volunteers.

The vast majority of reporting on GFS is horribly skewed and full of misinformation. Nice to see some real reporting.

So whose gunna make the official ACAB anthem titled 1312 overture that we all are waiting for???

Walking up to the pharmacy counter: hi can I get a new fucking social contract plz it would really help my nerves

I'm just trying to have an existence but everything else in existence is trying to make me have a bad existence

5 days until the rednecks and dumb people join together and start killing people. Not stoked tbh, not stoked

Surprise phallic sextoy ??? 

I fell like one of y'all crazy fucks on this website made this much to take in here... Baldo.....second does it work?!

really scary bad terrible no good design failure dont look 

I had to see this so now you do


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