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Congrats to Minnesota law enforcement for radicalizing a whole generation (or 2)

i spent 2 weeks trying to not write a play but then..... POOF i cowrote a play haha

Is it just me or is it sad to watch club kids get older on Instagram

i am fueled entirely by peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, spite, bubbly water and insatiable curiosity

this book is incredible

Cruising the Dead River: David Wojnarowicz and New York's Ruined Waterfront by Fiona Anderson

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When the city is totally renovated, when gays have restored all the tenements, garden restaurants have sprouted on the Lower East Side, and the meatpack-ing district is given over entirely to boutiques and cardshops—then we’ll build an island in New York Harbor composed entirely of rotting piers, blocks of
collapsed walls, and litter-strewn lots.

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this “strange axis
between the extremely aesthetic” and “the extremely sleazy,”

i found free PrEP (you can now get free PrEP with or WITHOUT INSURANCE online!!!!!!) and have been taking it long enough that now i am (more or less) immune from contracting HIV. I cant stop thinking about all the people that have died before me that didnt have even the chance of being protected. Does this mean we will eventually say that we saw the end of the hiv/aids pandemic? This blows my fucking mind and feels GIGANTIC to me.

I made it one (1) entire day into this year without sitting my pants so at least there's that

Taking the bus to a hookup in -20°f weather in classic Midwestern fag fashion

Congrats queers we managed to gueer the fuck outta Grindr 🎉🎉🎉

Speaking of prep, look at this shit!!!
FDA Approves First Injectable Treatment for HIV Pre-Exposure Prevention
Drug Given Every Two Months Rather Than Daily Pill is Important Tool in Effort to End the HIV Epidemic

It's that special time of the year where everyone argues with their dad's vaguely racist boomer hot take! So exciting 🌝

The anti-capitalist urge to shoplift in the airport

Retooting this could legit save a little bb fag's life

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Hey this website has prep for FREE with or WITHOUT INSURANCE. Truly an amazing resource. They mailed me an std kit and I shoved a q-tip up my ass and now they just mail me the pills. Fucking incredible.

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