Last year I climbed the world's tallest residential building and grotesque display of useless amerikkkan resource suck. I pissed all over the top floor ballroom and climbed the crane at the top putting me within ~20 ft of the highest point off the ground in the northern hemisphere. It's was so high up we didn't get cell signal. This is what Manhattan looked like about 1,700 ft below.

I may not be young anymore but I'm still dumb and full of cum

Wait... Does this pandemic mean we get to make a new version of "ring around the rosie"?

lol we started farming 7,000 years ago and we have learned so little about ourselves that this fucking shithole of a world is the best we can do, lol

really astonishing how terrible everything is. never ceases to amaze me how fucking horrific humans make life for eachother. this world is only made to chew up and spit out and its pathetic

What a terrible day to feel completely fed up and defeated by everything 😔

Roses are red violets are blue I fucking hate this world please make it fucking stop

please wait patiently for things to collapse

Another day happens

Me: fucking FINE I guess I'll just read a fucking BOOK jfc

I'm proud to say I have never liked or subscribed after someone asked me to like and subscribe in a post/video

God fucking damn it i don't care about the fucking constitution liiiike you need shit written down to believe that everyone should be equal???? You needed someone to tell you what is ethical???? Gtfoh smh

Look at this fucking gigantic tunnel junction 160 feet underground. No photo could ever do this justice - we call it THE THUNDERDOME


A few film shots from an early winter neighborhood fascist infestation situation in msp

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