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Fan of societal detritus and industrial leftovers. Enthusiast of flickering hallways and stale cubicles. Celebrator of crumble and wizard of spacial reincarnation. I'm in the walls.

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Congrats to Minnesota law enforcement for radicalizing a whole generation (or 2)

Ok I'm just assuming ken has at least one gay moment in the movie however I refuse to watch it so if someone wants to just confirm for me that would be great

Minneapolitans - If you still fuck with surly you should consider....not fucking with surly

The wilderness of heartbreak / the desert of despair

Stoked for life to get less torturous someday 🫥

ok wait but

It's weird/dumb how it's ok to tell your friends that you love them but after you sleep with them it's a whole ass awkward thing and you can't say it anymore unless you are IN LOVE with them

Sneaking into the roof of the tallest building in your city just to smoke a spliff and throw some paper aeroplanes off the edge

i randomly saw that there is a foobar2000 app in the google play store and.......wut???

Worms are trending and I'm being told that lime green is also "in" right now. Do with this what you will. Your welcome

the people are right - everything everywhere all at once was fucking fantastic

no matter how insane of a photo i post on flickr the ones with the most views are allllways the ones with tits in them

so far crying while biking is my fav form of crying. im open to other forms but not sure it gets better than that

There's nothing I love more than teaching the gen z queers about cruising

A gruff country man calls you "bud" when you hold open the door for him... hot? y/n

I'm a tossing and turning MASTER. An erratic sleeping pattern CHAMPION.

Brainfog - is it the trauma??? is it the long covid???? is it the depression?????? is it the stress????????????

if yr depressed right now just watch this. it might not help but it def wont hurt

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