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Congrats to Minnesota law enforcement for radicalizing a whole generation (or 2)

I no longer wish to be involved in society in any capacity

Nextdoor is one of the biggest modern threats to strong community

doing statistics is for chumps. i optimize my magic decks by writing a program to simulate ten million games and see how often they win

The fact that you have to say anything more than that to convince people they are bad is fucking absurd

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This shithole of a country caused the term "school lunch debt" to exist gtfoh


Here we fucking go y'all, I feel like I'm gunna puke

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Jury has reached a verdict in chauvin trial. Results will be released in 1-2 hrs

"People are afraid to do their jobs," he told Insider. "Nobody wants to use force in the department anymore," he added, saying it put officers at risk of getting hurt.

" He specifically took issue with the department's new guiding principle of "do no harm." "


This mpls cop left before the trial because, he says, "If Minnesota had the death penalty and Chauvin got it, people in Minneapolis are still going to riot," the officer said. "They're still going to burn the city down."


In November, The Washington Post reported Chief Medaria Arradondo of the Minneapolis Police Department as saying that more than 100 officers had left the force since Floyd's death — more than double the number lost in a typical year. The Minneapolis Star Tribune put that number at more than 10% of the entire force.

He specifically took issue with the department's new guiding principle of "do no harm."


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