Mike Yak Bday Jam & Shocktroopers NYB Party!
Tonight at the Khyber!

Much love to everyone who tuned in to my radio show tonight.
When I was a little kid, I would play music in my bedroom and pretend to be a DJ. Then the phone would ring and a breathy voice would whisper "Play 'Misty' for me."
Yes, I had a difficult childhood.
Show repeats Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern
Next show airs on Friday night, September 2nd.

Final set of the evening: Not since Orson Welles had one man had so many fingers in so many pies, and been the chef as well. And then looked like he went and ate them all. The guy was out of control.
V▲LH▲LL: "Down by the Gallows"
Vandal Moon: "Sweet Disaster"
X Marks The Pedwalk: "Kill Me Tonight"
Night Sins: "Moonlit Tsar"

Remember when Robocop shot that guy in the dick? Well, so does Set Six:
Slighter: "Welcome to Riot City"
The Soft Moon: "Become the Lies"
Stoneburner: "The New Stupid"
Unit 3 With Venus: "B.O.Y.S."

Set Five is generally regarded to be the greatest undersea adventure ever filmed.
portion control: "Possession"
Sidewalks and Skeletons: "EUTHANASIA DAZE"
Silver Walks: "silence the dark"

Laszlo : [looking at the oblivious Set Four] 'Cause he's my best friend, he's my pal. He's my homeboy, my rotten soldier. He's my sweet cheese. My good-time boy.
Kevorkian Death Cycle: "Man Made"
Kill Shelter: "All of This ft Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox)"
Minuit Machine: "Lion in a Cage"
NNHMN: "Omen"

DON'T DO IT, RICKY BOBBY! Set Three's colors don't run!
HAEX: "Cursebreaker (Moris Blak Remix)"
Haunt Me: "Please Stay"
KBR: "Perfect Haircuts"

Maybe set two was just the friends we made along the way?
The Fixx: "Stand Or Fall (Re-recorded / Remastered)"
Fluid Ghost: "Superstitions"
Front Line Assembly: "Purge (Black Asteroid Remix)"
Ganser: "People Watching"

First set of the evening contained your daily recommended dose of darkness
The Clay People: "Cult Hypnotic"
Cyanotic: "Stay Asleep"
DV8R: "Legion (Assemblage 23 Remix)"

German Minimalist Synth Pioneer HEINRICH will open for The Noid this Saturday at Yakfest (held at the Khyber)

This week on Big Questions with the Dead Milkmen it's something about keyboards


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