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Oh look at me, forgetting that pinned toots exist.

What a fool.

tumblr flashbacks 

And now that I haven’t started my fediverse journey by basically revealing everything about myself in an attempt to preemptively beg for mercy, it would be seen as a lie to do so now. Right? Or is this just my anxiety talking?

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tumblr flashbacks 

Remember that time on tumblr when people deleting their accounts was seen as proof of being guilty unless they had proved they were part of a community that white allies were supposed to “defend”?

Or did I just end up adjacent to the social justice colonialism section?

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tumblr flashbacks 

Oh, I’m having flashbacks to that time on tumblr where not even doxing yourself as non-normative could save you from the white people who used cancel culture as another tool to keep up with the joneses. And all for the crime of slipping up in a social situation.

No wonder I feel like abandoning my account, the format of the masto/pleroma platforms feel like tumblr.

lmao, ok so libs are calling the US a "banana republic" which is why this term is entering the lexicon of white people once again.

kind reminder that you should not say this.

read it for the first time over a decade ago but my mind still captivated by "Lemony Snicket is widely regarded as one of the most difficult children's authors to capture and imprison."

(extremely liberal voice) oh, but if everyone doesn't live in constant fear of a massive state apparatus of violence ready to crush us at its slightest whim, society would collapse!!

There's a small fandom for people who are in their 70s and are just discovering that getting it up for Jessica Rabbit and characters like her isn't illegal. Lacking any experience whatsoever with etiquette in the way of how to express this, they'll frequently make statements along the lines of like, "Yow!!! I would go to church with her on Sunday!!!!!"

the difference between me and my girlfriend's commits

can authors criticizing white women plz stop talking about transness as if it exempts white trans women from whiteness

stop letting us off the hook, i promise you we do not deserve it

It's a great day to stop using the word tribalism. Why not try factionalism or group identity or whatever the fuck else.

But hey, I guess it is the U.S. week of celebrating Native genocide.

So I guess y'all won't give a fuck. Lovely.

job hunting, well meaning but useless aphorisms 

Advice like ‘you are more than your achievements! You have value just as you are!’ would be more likely to ring true if I lived in a world where I didn’t have to literally hand over a list of my achievements to potential employers so that I can make money to survive (then be judged by them as lacking and dismissed anyway)

remember when China Mieville pitches an absolutely fucking wild Socialist Iron Man comic project to marvel (and got immediately rejected because he wanted to kill tony stark for his many war crimes)

If people stop filming cops, that's the end. People get that right? That's literally our only legal weapon against them at this point

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understanding of colonial atrocities, ireland 2/2 

pretty much any accurate british history is anti-english propaganda

Imagining a new type of guy, a polite, somewhat chivalrous one, who’s into short lacy dressing gowns, but is just horrible at doing things right.

Imagining, if you will, a negli-gent.

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