Morning puzzles 

Didn't get the Framed (couldn't remember the name of the film, but knew it, not that that counts), got the actorle in 2 and the Heardle (just). The 80s and 90s Heardles I got in 2 and 1 second respectively (I got the songs confused for the 80s) . Do all in all pretty good day!

Morning puzzles 

Got the Framed in 4 and the Heardle in 1 second but, more impressively, got the actorle in 2!

Moon Knight 

There was a post credits scene!!!

Moon Knight 

What did everyone think of Moon Knight? I think I ended up quite liking it.

Reproductive rights, trans rights 

Trans rights are human right,
Right to safe reproductive medical care are human rights.

Looking for recommendations of who to follow on here.

Can you manage multiple accounts from the app? If so how???

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