More please! , , , and all the exquisite actors, not to mention ..... More, more please!!!!

The lesson I learned:

We need older generations to teach us through their mistakes.

I will never forget this discussion with my dad, and I'll ensure I admit my generation's mistakes to the future ones, in the hope they can correct them.

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This is the first time we had this conversation and it went like this (quoting him word for word):
Dad: my generation was horrible for the planet. I must admit we destroyed it, we're idiots.
Me:. we'll, my generation followed yours and we're no better.
Dad:. but at least your generation started the change. The upward fight to correct our mistakes...

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The other day I was talking with my 79year old father about the planetary destruction we humans have caused. My father has always been a typical white male, always seeing fault in younger generations, and none of his own....


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My profile pic is by this talented young artist. Visit her space for more.

Ok I think I'm in love with the song about Keith the Wolf...
'I really like your teeth...'😂

I WAS MEANT TO BE LOUD... dedicated to all women out there. Sophia Carson:

A morning chuckle to start the weekend, courtesy of the brilliant Bill Watterson...

Just watched . It is a Chicago mob movie like no other. is frankly superb, especially when he finally lets the animal. What would have made it better? To have seen this in the theatre. The lens just doesn't quite capture the electric atmosphere created by all the cast. These aren't caricatures. All captured within just four walls. To have been able to smell the burning cinders and the split blood live , would have made it complete. What a ride!

And because there's just too many cats on masto, here's Aira, princess of the night...😂

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