Honestly I'm becoming more and more interested in trying out #Linux lately. I've asked about it in a Discord server and I was recommended #PopOS. I think I might try installing it in #virtualbox and see how it goes. I guess I'm mainly held back by the learning curve and the fact that I wanna learn about a bunch of other tech stuff, so adding a whole new operating system might be pretty overwhelming.

I wonder if the UK is going to make it illegal to meme about the queen's death?

established, venerable OTPs:

-yellow 13/yellow 4

new, experimental otps:

-mobius 1/skyeye

you can blow aging gen xers' minds by simply typing with both thumbs very quickly, as designed lmao

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We're getting really close to stability, but...

Jess got laid off and had a two week gap between jobs

We've got a car payment and the water/sewer bill due the 29th, and rent due the 4th for a grand total of $900

This is a high amount, I know, we'd absolutely take all or part on as a loan on her next check coming the 8th or 9th

🚨Any boosts or assistance beyond appreciated!🚨

#mutualaid @mutualaid @mutual_aid

$app: glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

Covid denialism research question 

Is anybody tracking various anti-public-health memeplexes? I've been seeing (and removing) stickers and placards for one such, in my neighborhood, for maybe a year now. Curious what the landscape looks like and if there's any usefulness in documenting or submitting sightings to, like, SPLC or whoever.

Boosts appreciated!

linux bros be like, "i value the customizability of my operating system", and then make it look exactly like every other techbro's computer

Self-care can include things like watching a TV show, taking a nap, bolting a machine gun into the bed of a Toyota Hilux, drinking some tea, establishing a socialist non-state autonomous administration, hugging a dog

We live in a world where Creative Commons shills NFTs, the biggest revenue stream for Firefox is promoting Google, and Microsoft is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation.

hm this ain't it chief *tears you limb from limb*

I think I'm gonna upload some classic (and now public domain) films to PeerTube, I just uploaded George Melies' A Journey to the Moon just a moment ago!:


#cinéma #cinema #film #peertube

reddit nazi shit 

yes, people change, opinions change, but if someone openly supports Literal Nazis and then decides not to, i think it's important to think about how they arrived at that conclusion in first place

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