Some might think she's super cute and adorable, but she's really a big noisy jerk who refuses to shut up until you pet her.

She's a jerk.

And I love her.

"shit shit shit shit shit" — Charles and Camilla accidentally killing the queen with Covid back in December

! theres godaern apples everywhere fuck Ste Jobs

Tired: corporate metaverse

Wired: solar-powered, community-owned machines serving text-only, static websites


A lot of people seem to fall into the trap of believing that anyone who opposes someone bad is automatically good

There can be two bad guys in a situation

ipod nano or mp3 player i think the latter

I love that wiggly windows has somehow persevered as an option in Linux distros. It is even sometimes, as in the case of ZorinOS, lauded as a fresh or innovative option alongside some tongue-in-cheek language.

I remember having it or installing whatever was necessary to get it on early Ubuntu builds when I was younger because of the novelty. Such an absurd, identifiably Linux sort of feature.

my contribution to problematic meme discourse 

Homer/Frank Grimes is the exact same dynamic as chad/virgin without the weird channer incel baggage

You don't need to use your real name on the Fediverse. Call yourself whatever you want, and the rest of us will be happy with that.

Interestingly, a very long time ago YouTube used to carry a warning specifically telling people not to use their real name online, as it could allow unwanted intrusions into people's privacy.

Then, strangely, the warning disappeared after Google purchased YouTube... 🤔


my skin has been ripped off just enough to feel a strong pain, not enough to bleed. cats are so soft and skillful

@catgirl everything’s good till your internet connected brain interface increases the monthly subscription cost for high definition seeing. If you don’t pay, the device will just send *some* current through the brain.

I also think for medical purposes it’s a great invention. I’m just scared of what can be done with this kind of technology.

Or ransomware could get even more interesting: “Give us something or we’ll fry your brain from far away without anyone able to trace it back to us.”

ah yes, the stackoverflow moment of "possible duplicate" on a c linux question leading to a post about c# on windows
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