Remember on tumblr all the time people were like "a relationship is HARD WORK" bro just dump your bf and take up carpentry is my suggestion

I'm not a hacker, but 

New level of remote tech support just achieved: mother (who lives in another country) had her PC potentially bricked after yet another power surge.
So there was a hypothesis that maybe her PC does not turn on because the power button is broken, and I heard that Wake-on-LAN is a thing (although never used it or knew anything about it).
And the idea was that she has to connect PC to the router by RJ45, and find the sticker with MAC address, and get WOL program, and use it to send WOL packet from her wireless-only laptop to that MAC, and pray that WOL will go through the router _and_ that sticker is for LAN instead of WLAN _and_ that WOL is enabled for that PC and... it worked!

tech nonsense 

"Google drops FLoC and proposes new Topics API for replacing third-party cookies used by ads"

I wonder how it feels to work on harmful fucking garbage that nobody wants.
Love to spend squillions of dollars on making the world a shittier place.
Great allocation of resources, very efficient system we have.

So if you ever wondered whether those Bored Ape NFTs were racist or started by neo-Nazis, wonder no more. (The answer is "yes".)

Bored Ape Club is Racist and Started by Neo-Nazis:

I have a very small mind and must live with it.
-- E. Dijkstra

@videogame_hacker see i simpley dont care if a giant corporation "loses money" because of me not seeing ads because, well, they're giant enough already and even then they don't seem to pay artists well at all

USPol, Furries, Privacy 

Now that the right wing media has seized on the "furries use litter boxes and only act like animals" bullshit, maybe now people will understand why I continue to support and strongly advocate for privacy and encryption online, and why I'm not open about my "furry" life IRL. I don't want to supply any more ammo for delusional fuckwads who can't tell fact from fiction.

<Nim> Sheesh, I thought Linus Tech Tips couldn't get any more cringe after strawmanning linux, but now he's anti-piracy?

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