Anyway @vriska's fic reminds me that i was instructed by my high school teacher to write a fanfic where i ship myself with a fictional character. She literally made me write it and i blacked it from my memory until last year when i opened a box and found it.

@vriska it was me/dirk and i picked dirk because hes gay so i got him to reject me so that the fic would be over and i wouldnt have to write it anymore

@Saxx @vriska the teacher sounds like a voyeur, sorta just wanted to see what you all picked.

It sounds funny in theory but it sounds absolutely horrifying to write.

@oct2pus im not sure she was actually is aware of fanfic or shipping culture, like I've known her for years now and shes severely clueless on fandom things. I think she just wanted it to be a funny writing excercise and didnt get why i was so uncomfortable with it

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