I keep thinking about my former student being a relatively popular homestuck acct on twitter

@Saxx DO YOU HAVE LIKE. Any resources / sotes/ authors you recommend specifically for art I’m trying to use quarantine time to up my skills


@tpoc yes. I specialize in comics, and my favorite art resource for that is and making comics by scott mccloud. I havent read his book understanding comics, but ive heard that it is also very useful.

I also find the series "how to draw anime and game characters" by tadashi ozawa to be fairly useful in terms of instruction on designing character sheets and drawing figures. However theres a LOT of stereotypes in the series i dont rec

@Saxx 🥺🥺TY vriska I will check these out for SURE!! I appreciate it 🙏🏾

@tpoc i also highly recommend watching streams of people drawing. Tutorials are fine, but watching people casually drawing is really useful. My last comment is to not worry about developing a style. I know its hyped up a lot but thats a skill that developes naturally. Just look into works and artists you admire

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