The best kpop concept concept pics are the signal era twice teasers where tzuyu is punching she shit out of whatever is in front of her

Loonastuck but th colors and the inks came out all wrong eurgghhhhhhgg 

I don't have a name for this unit yet

Vast error 

I do not know who this is but i do not like them

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It's begun. Also, I forgot to pick her makeup colors. Whoops

I used to draw gt karkat like this in high school

Some more designs. The bunny outfits got a box shape at the hips but the tail is cute so i wanted to show it off. Harlequin and Ghostbusters need more decorations tbh

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One of the magical girl designs for june. I have some alt outfits im working on as well but i like this gt based one a lot

Found some sketches I did in January based off of the events in Election Night Special. Rosemary comforting Jade and JuneVrisRezi trying to squeeze into a tiny bed.

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