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Do both! Live in the woods for a month, and then come back to civilization for 2 months!

Recently I've come to the conclusion that I'm some forme of of gluten intolerant. It puts me in a near comatose state for like two hours. Anyone relate?

Had to clock in to work at 5 this morning, because i didnt know i would be scheduled with so little time before the show tomorrow. Gotta focus and write all kinds of cues!

Service guarantees citizenship! Would you like to know more?

Ghost bird? Are you a fan, by chance, of the Annhilation series?

Trying to log into my raspberry pi for the first time in forever to set up some automated things, but ive forgotten my password. And its written down in my laptop which at a computer repair shop right now getting a new motherboard -_- lol

Im back! I wasnt a huge presence before, and i quickly got bored and didnt understand. But im here giving it another shot. Whats up, fediverse?

Something that is infinitely fascinating to me was to watch the trajectory of FOX news over the last 12 years, and how it is culminating (though surely not with any kind of finality) in a war, of sorts, with Trump. Like, they spent 20ish years building a feverishly loyal cult of supporters only to watch it fracture because they decided to step on Trump's foot once. There's a pyrrhic sort of sweet irony to the situation.

Damn, watching Leah remini's scientology exposé, and reading about NXIVM. holy shit these people are real?

Hey fediverse! Any thoughts on the fb/twitter exodus to parler?

My mom is jumping on that train and I'm terrified that it's gonna push her further down into that culty mindset.. :(

Looking like a biden presidency is in our future

Is trump going to throw a tantrum and try to wreck as much as possible on his way out? I can't see him doing anything but. That's scary to me.

Ya'll this is intense. The pipe leaks, in atlanta. Georgia gonna swing tomorrow to the left. I think...loo

Where...where is everybody? Is down? 0.o

Damn ya'll, I'm nervous. It could go either way

Holy shit Antebellum was really good. Jordan Peele continues to exhibit some sort of creative genius.

Holy shit I just voted! 2 general presidential election I've ever voted in!

Just filled out my ballot! Any florida voters here want to discuss a couple amendments? There's some crazy ones 0.o

Scrith boosted suggested "playing with my curves" 🤨 Well, I did and this came out. Well, fun was had.

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