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Do both! Live in the woods for a month, and then come back to civilization for 2 months!

Does anyone have a vr setup and want to play something with me?

Hot peppers aren't getting me high any more :'(

Any math peeps who are down to learn some math with me?

Is it sad that when Trump says "I am the least racist person...etc" I think he actually believes it...

Stop using the black community as a pawn in your politics...

Although wait...maybe biden wasn't actually talking about that. I gotta do more research...

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Yes, Trump...biden *is* talking about socialized medicine. *That's the point*

Hmm, I'm not sure about biden's healthcare plan...imma have to do some research about it...

DAMNN the moderator just cut Trump the fuck off. That was awesome!

Lol here we go with emails again

iirc, there is not actually any evidence that what was said to be on hunter bidens laptop *was actually on the laptop*

Holy shit, Biden is legitimately on fire in this debate 0.o

Trump: "I'd love to put myself in the basement and go away for a year and a half"


"A vaccine within weeks?" Ok, lol

"operation warpspeed" is the name of Trump's plan to get the vaccine out to people when it's ready lmao

Ugh "kill shot"? Why is our politics treated like a video game -_-

Who's watching the debate tonight?

Got back on facebook to join a nerf war group with my coworkers and share pictures I've taken with them...

Ugh...I remember how much I hate facebook -_-

This past week I've been eating so much pepper sauce that it gets me high. 0.o

Holy miracle, batman! My username (Scrith) was available on Discord! Fuck yea!

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