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One of the reasons I'm moving from Twitter is that I was being drowned out by an algorithm that kills my business.

So, did you know that I stream for a living? Three times a week?

Here are the times!

Monday: 1800-2200 UTC - 8.
Wednesday: 1800-2100 UTC - 8.
Friday: 1800-2200 UTC -8.

Our local areas have had their presses hollowed out — no one is reporting on this. You are supposed to feel isolated, disconnected, and powerless. You are not

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more has been done to advance the cause of proletarian revolution and seek justice for the oppressed in the last week than the election of any useless climber in the “rise of democratic socialism”

reflection on my transition ~ 

I talked to one of my new friends about my past and i realized how much of my identity is wrapped up in what happened to me during those years where i had a very traumatic, incredibly public transition

New game time. Just in time for Pride, we're playing a game that features a woman that I am gay for. Interesting how that works.

New Game: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


Today I saw a girl in the mirror for the first time in like 6 years.

she's kinda cute too 😳

Imposter syndrome and perfectionism will die by my hands as well. Fuck yes.

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If Holly, Penny Snapcube, K8, and Sarah were to work on a thing together, the comedic potential there would be too great. It would be like a weapon.

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Every Egbert kinnie is trans or an egg this is fact.

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It IS very interesting how the books are being made and Viz Media is just letting the site rot. Almost as if there is a profit incentive to doing so...

Capitalism ruining Homestuck, huh? let's not get too radical here.

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Holly got out while she still could. If only I was as brave.

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Trans feminine people are the funniest people to ever exist. I know this as a trans comedian myself, but this bit is having me in stitches

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Looking at trees to avoid what perhaps one could describe as a maelstrom of ceaseless discourse. I can dig it. Try going outside. Twitter is not the same as real life.

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