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One of the reasons I'm moving from Twitter is that I was being drowned out by an algorithm that kills my business.

So, did you know that I stream for a living? Three times a week?

Here are the times!

Monday: 1800-2200 UTC - 8.
Wednesday: 1800-2100 UTC - 8.
Friday: 1800-2200 UTC -8.

Hey, Hajime! What do the proletariat and the Communist Party of 1848 have in common? In the next chapter of The Communist Manifesto, @bubblegumsodaa gets separated from BT and have to fight in a factory while Komaeda reads theory out loud!

do not fuck with the fire emblem fandom

we heard a half remembered plot synopsis from somebody on twitter

Pride month. I'm still gay for Miriam. You see the connection? Yeah.

More Bloodstained at

i'm making a goddamn callout post aleph null is oppressing me for liking clowns this shit cannot stand

Sorry that stream was late, I had to eat dinner. But now that is done, and we can get back to our playthrough of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

me, desperately trying to wire my two hyperfixations together: THE CURRENT STATE OF THE SEATTLE MARINERS IS THE HOMESTUCK EPILOGUES OF THE MLB

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i'm watching this documentary on the history of the seattle mariners and. this script goes to talk about how the mariners are in an "endless epilogue" and i feel as though i've been shot

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Next time on #pgenpod: Dani and Aysha talk activism in fandom spaces.

Send in questions and topics in the replies here or on the Pgenpod Discord:

I've been introduced to a musical, "Six," and it's. uh. very good. Like, listening to every number 12 times in 3 days good.

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@SophiaSurname @SevenDeadlyCyns all my mutuals do is subtoot, make me do the fortnite dance and say go slime girl go, eat hot chip, and lie

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@SevenDeadlyCyns @alephnull if you don't subtrill Aleph at least twice a week are you even her friend

Smash discussion on da TL

When are they gonna hit me up for Skullgirls

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what if we kissed on the burning rubble of a decaying fascist empire

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so mad at the "REOPEN THE ECONOMY SO I CAN GET A HAIRCUT" set. bitch if i can survive **literally disassociating from my body** because of the facial hair i'm probably not gonna be able to get lasered off for another YEAR, you can survive having to brush your fucking bangs out of your eyes

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Our local areas have had their presses hollowed out — no one is reporting on this. You are supposed to feel isolated, disconnected, and powerless. You are not

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