Hey fediverse, send me links to weird ways of making music that I can look at.

How you define weird is up to you.


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@SkinnyFeels I also really enjoy the work of this drummer, who specializes in polyrythms. Her whole channel is pretty great

@schratze i can feel different bits of my waking up. Like a Tool album but brighter.

@SkinnyFeels farting onto guitar strings?

i dont have a link, nor a video. just an idea to make millions, lol

@lewlepton sounds perfect. Start your youtube channel now and I'll be the first to subscribe!

@MxCraven sick. love it. can we slow it down so it sounds like really deep retro lazy hiphop?

@SkinnyFeels I have absolutely no idea. A streamer I used to watch had music made by a friend who made the stuff on her Gameboy. Was pretty cool, but I only watched a quick "How I made it" video

@SkinnyFeels quite a few of Ali Spagnola's videos involve environmental sounds which are always fun

and I love Kurt Hugo Schneider's stuff, particularly Bad Guy made entirely in an Ikea

@wolfie Wow. They're both really clever. Really like Ali's attitude to making stuff.


Adnrej fon (Olfamož / Olfamoštvo / Svojat) has some interesting approaches

@g1smo oh that is excellent. very experimental, almost art. Thanks!

@schematicwizard @luka nice! I like that. Gonna fall down a wormhole of weird music now!

@luka I love this one. Hacking stuff around to make new stuff. Great example. Thanks!

@SkinnyFeels weird music...

The snipe creates its haunting "zwizzing" noise by adjusting its tail feathers and flying sharply down, causing air to pass through quickly. It's called drumming in English.

Particularly audible on the second half of this recording:

@ephemeral oh thats wonderful. Animal noises I never knew existed. Thanks for that! Great stuff.

@ephemeral so brilliant. fungi is just a weird thing. like really weird. was listening to a podcast about a mushroom grower and it was fascinating. thanks!

@SkinnyFeels I guess i have a few links to share here. Dario Rossi makes techno by drumming on junk and kitchenware

@oleksiy that's amazing. full on fat techno. Love it. Thanks!

"Anarchestra is an orchestra of over two hundred unique musical instruments built (with a few exceptions) by Alex Ferris (1954-) an American musician, composer, and theorist, to explore alternative timbres, tunings, and methods of playing."

@oleksiy can really get behind this one. Love the idea of making a bunch of weird musical instruments and then making a bunch of songs with them and then repeating f o r e v e r

@oleksiy saw this the other day, it's what helped instigate the question! So cool.

@oleksiy I really like the bit about people interpreting his notation glyphs in their own way is really interesting. Love that as a concept.

And the tube map notation. Guy is a genius with his notation.

So. many. ideas. in. my. brain.

@oleksiy oh that is fun. I like that. Thanks for all these links! My bookmarks are filling up.

@SkinnyFeels thanks for bringing this topic up. I like unconventional stuff in music myself, and found some cool stuff in replies :)
I guess i have some more stuff to add, just need to dig a little deeper into my bookmarks

@harrysentonbury totally going on my list. All that tech and they sound like The Quo !

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