So. you go to my website and fill in the sign up form at the bottom

--> this gets pinged to Hubspot* because of theme integration

--> then Zapier picks this up and sends it over to Mailchimp.

--> mailchimp then should be in a position to send out one email with a discount code.

That's what I have to work on next.

* Hubspot is supposed to send out a confirmation email with a discount code on it, but it doesn't because it's dumb.

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And I have to create a jourley with Mailchimp that goes

--> new subscriber?

--> send one email with discount code.

This is not part of the free bit. To do this I have to pay $10 / month

which I'm not earning from the site at all yet.

so I have to think of a more interesting way to do this. Maybe just without mailchimp? that would be better.

Just need to get confirmation sent to these people first. that's the trouble.

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