after a bit of research there's a bunch of alternatives.

So I'm going to try and replace Hubspot & Mailchimp with Mautic

I'm gonna replace google drive with Nextcloud

I'm gonna replace google Analytics with Matomo

Long as my site speed remains sensible.

And I can have a tickbox.

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Both Matomo and Nextcloud have been working great for me for years now, although Matomo is already doing a lot more stuff than i need it to. I just wanna know how many visitors and pageviews my site gets. On the other hand… it never caused me any trouble, so i’m just keeping it.

@SkinnyFeels Nextcloud is just running locally on a raspberry pi.

@groschi I've got a WordPRess plugin that tells me that, I think you can set up email campaigns and sync with Matomo which might be useful for me. We'll see.

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