I mean I make music. But I like coding. I contain multitudes.

@SkinnyFeels im glad i stepped away from coding. or at least glad im not doing it as a job, when i ro music. it sucks everything out of me, since i like to solve problems in aome way

coding is fun though & i do have some projects id love to complete one day. games & some tech stuff for misic

once i got max/msp/jitter many moons ago, that gave the itch. then i bounced to openFrameworks about 7/8 year later, though had used other things prior to get i to coding

@SkinnyFeels then i started making teaching material for openFrameworks, haxe/kha & even fragment shaders

@SkinnyFeels i used to really enjoy it. much more so than using kha/haxe for game development

i have some ideas for more things to make. but other avenues feel more rewarding to me right now

@SkinnyFeels i also enjoyed teaching it. which is still viewable on my [old dead name] channel.
im literaly the only one that done teaching of it

it was fun, but also sapped my energy of life & enjoyment, lol

@lewlepton that's pretty interesting. I did a bunch of design teaching -- loved it, but so draining.

I might have to play with open frameworks and maybe hypeframework.com/ and processing.

Would love to do shit like that to music. That would be ace.

@SkinnyFeels hype is lovely. processing in general is great. a perfect starting point for people wanting to dive into creative coding, without the headaches of c++

@lewlepton a-ha. Thats' a good start then. I'm learning C/C++ anyhoot because gamedev. so hopefully it will all come together.

But yeah, start w/ hype + processing. Or svorchek + blender. Or all of the things!

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