Good morning one and all. What are we up to today?

Me: mostly playing with seeing if I can create some interesting generative music.

good morning!
I'd also like to do some generative stuff, but I have to work rn

@oleksiy things that get in the way are annoying. Hope you have fun w/ both your endeavours.

@SkinnyFeels thanks, likewise! btw, how do you like sonic pi? I never tried it

@oleksiy It's fun, I do feel like I am scratching the surface with it, but I love the fact it comes complete with instructions on how to use it so I can unplug from the internet and get on with stuff.

I am easily distracted.

I want to create a couple of ambient generative Eno-esque pieces and then add some blender abstract generative (?) visuals to them.

Thats the current plan, until the next distraction.

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