I have this theory about 'growing an album'.

You build it up song-by-song, month-by-month, you replace some songs, add others, remix others, build out an album over the months and years live in front of people on all the platforms.

Until you feel it's done.

Any of your fans and followers have a full album and those that follow properly get rewarded with a bunch of other tracks as well.

Everybody happy. Thoughts?

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@SkinnyFeels From a technical point of view, thinking the same, I mean even ebooks get updated. There’s no reason why a music piece couldn’t be updated and have multiple versions while remaining the same album. From an artistic point of view, it could be an interesting project to share everything that’s done as it’s being done, like an open source project, until it reaches version 1. Not sure which platform could allow this. Wasn’t Soundcloud a bit like this?

@dec31 sort of. I think you can edit and replace on bandcamp.

Or I've got a WordPress / WooCommerce site so I guess I can do it on that anyways. Free downloads until version 1, right?

It's what Minecraft did, I guess.

@SkinnyFeels Not familiar with Minecraft! Is that how it started as a game? True about Bandcamp, though there’s literally no versioning. I guess it could be cool to have access to the history. Maybe too close to how git works? Like selecting a date in the past and being able to listen to the album as it was at that date. Could be interesting to go back to the genesis of an album/song you’re really into, or at a specific date based on events, etc.

@dec31 git for music is an interesting idea. Different versioning for different releases. Could be a way to handle / manage / release remixes.

I'm going to try and do some sort of liveblogging experience with a small EP that'll be grown and updated here and on my site and then when it gets to 'version 1' I'll send it out to bandcamp / spotify / streaming platforms.

Would be an interesting experience to see how I find it and if it's something other people will like.

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