Done some more tweaking to the site. Now it has a global footer. With useful things in it.

Better still... check it on mobile.

Skinny Feels

A concept album.
MAY 01

Soundcloud / Bandcamp
Other streaming services in due course.

Changed the image for the most recent 'best-of' release as somebody suggested it could look like certain symbol with heavily negative connotations from mid-20th century Europe.

So here's the alternative:

🎧 This is like a best of selection of music from over the last little while.

Thought I'd collate it together here so I can release my latest album in a couple of weeks and then move on to other things.

I now have to write an EPK (electronic press kit).

Never done one of them before. Anybody done one?

Off to research.

This is a link to a remix of one of the tracks off the upcoming album MAKE ALBION GREAT AGAIN.

I can’t feel anything below the skin (numb)
by Skinny Feels

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