I have this theory about 'growing an album'.

You build it up song-by-song, month-by-month, you replace some songs, add others, remix others, build out an album over the months and years live in front of people on all the platforms.

Until you feel it's done.

Any of your fans and followers have a full album and those that follow properly get rewarded with a bunch of other tracks as well.

Everybody happy. Thoughts?

Miserabilist low fi wednesday music with lyrics and a guitar: skinnyfeels.bandcamp.com/track

happy hump day or whatever.

This is the only bit of information I can find about recording covers for streaming in the UK.

Good day. Am working on an resource of unusual musical things that I can play with in the future.

This was the last thing I added: blokas.io/pisound/

I'm in the process of thinking about making and releasing a new album.

I am considering breaking it all down and writing / documenting about how I do each section as:

(a) some sort of tool / checklist for then I do it again,
(b) as a resource for other people,
(c) as a way of creating a snapshot of a moment,
(d) working out how I can improve on what I can do better next time

If you like creepy folk horror then you might like creepy folk horror stories set up uneasy music.



Build digital and analogue instruments to record an album and then giving all the stems and source files away for free so people can remix.

And then repeat it.

Done some more tweaking to the site. Now it has a global footer. With useful things in it.


Better still... check it on mobile.

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