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Mixing done. May 1 is going to be the release date. "Make Albion Great Again" Is the title. It's a folk horror album. 5 Twisted tales of terror set to dark ambient music.

Watch this space.

Needing some background noise today?

Why not listen to OFFICIAL SOUND TRACK by Skinny Feels


Doing some mixing and mastering today. Looking at May 1st for a release. Need to draw some cover art as well. So I can put it onto T-shirts and as a print poster as well. That's gonna be later though.


Having a sound engineer friend of mine to go listen to the album in case there's anything TOTALLY weird and then I think it's done!

How exciting!

Doing an initial mixdown of all 5 tracks. Going to play them on: headphones, quality speakers, car stereo and then work out at new master from feedback.

Okay, have updated my blog. It's no longer propaganda, it's now Sleevenotes which contains a bumph load of stuff that also inspires me and stuff that looks great, but I need to remember FOR LATER.


Have you head one of my oldest tracks. I like to call it anime end credit music. But it's called Eastern Dream.

Well... good morning everybody. Been mixing down the 5 tracks on the next release. Hopefully trying to get it to sound right. I mean it might sounds right to me, but others may HATE it.

Did you know that you can listen to a bunch of stuff that I've made on Soundcloud?

Right here:

I'd like to work on making music that follows this criteria:

weird bleeps darkly ambient mildly industrial occasional screaming and dirty beats fat riffs

but everything I make seems to be waaay more jolly than that.

exhibit 1:

If you'd like to listen to some gloomy music then wrap your ears round this.

It's a remix of a single thats on the album I'm working on.

Finally found this remix.

The Book of Eli Soundtrack - Panoramic (Eaten By Earth remix)

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