Miserabilist low fi wednesday music with lyrics and a guitar: skinnyfeels.bandcamp.com/track

happy hump day or whatever.

If you like creepy folk horror then you might like creepy folk horror stories set up uneasy music.



Build digital and analogue instruments to record an album and then giving all the stems and source files away for free so people can remix.

And then repeat it.

The other thing that I really want to work out is how covers work. I want to make a bunch of covers and I want to do it legally so the people who I cover benefit as well.

No idea where to begin with this. Anybody?

🎧 This is like a best of selection of music from over the last little while.

Thought I'd collate it together here so I can release my latest album in a couple of weeks and then move on to other things.


If you'd like to listen to some gloomy music then wrap your ears round this.

It's a remix of a single thats on the album I'm working on.


Finally found this remix.

The Book of Eli Soundtrack - Panoramic (Eaten By Earth remix)


Goooood morning?

Windy and blowy outside. Warm and snug inside.

Admin day. Wondering what to listen to whilst admin is happening.

Currently it's BBC 6Music. Also considering an Aphex Twin medly.

I've got this tune coming out tomorrow. It's a bit of an experiment in process. So we'll see how that lands.

Having to go through the arduous process of reverting my Mac back from Big Sir to Catalina so I can get my audio interface and MIDI keyboards to play nice with the OS.

It shouldn't have to be like this should it?

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