Going dark for a bit. See you the other side of Christmas. X

It’s here and it works. That’s all I’m gonna do now. Really limit myself to the instruments and make weird noises. Maybe get myself a field recorder and work it from there.

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Waiting in on a new MIDI keyboard so I can make the studio go MOBILE!!!

Means I can go and sit in woods to make music.

What are your favourite clever radio stations for contemporary music, that isn't pretty or _numb and dumb_, but curious and fearless? Please add to the list.

Mine are

SF Sound
LYL radio
WFMU (sometimes)
Cashmere Radio
Radio Mulot / Field Mice fieldmice.free.fr/mulot2.htm

#clever #radio #fediradio #fearless #contemporary #radiomulot #sfsound #lylradio #wfmu #cashmereradio

Alright my breadboard project reached a milestone - I programmed a high quality digital delay for my DIY Buchla and it works!



Take a few minutes to do something just because it makes you happy.

@robots I feel ya. I stay up late and watch it. Nobody any the wiser. 👍🏼🤷🏻‍♂️

@robots remember the Cant. Once a Belter always a Belter. Etc

There isn't a single use case for nfts that can't be done with a standard database

@dec31 git for music is an interesting idea. Different versioning for different releases. Could be a way to handle / manage / release remixes.

I'm going to try and do some sort of liveblogging experience with a small EP that'll be grown and updated here and on my site and then when it gets to 'version 1' I'll send it out to bandcamp / spotify / streaming platforms.

Would be an interesting experience to see how I find it and if it's something other people will like.

Sublime text loads SO FAST. IT's my unformatted copy/paste device.

@cassidyjames productivity? Organisating? Getting stuff done? Planning?

Soundux is an open-source, cross-platform soundboard for playing sounds on livestreams, video calls and maybe on theather plays if you're doing something simple :)
You can assign global hotkeys to trigger specific sounds, as well as make your computer keyboard work like a launchpad.
#Audio #Sound #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware #Soundux

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