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The meaning of life is 42. The ascii code 42 is “*”, which is a wildcard in regex. Thus, the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be :)

Hipsterism is just the worship of poverty.

Gonna be quiet on here for a bit as I go get inspired and write some stuff.

Be kind, rewind. x

Fuck Proprietary Skills

People don't learn how to program, but learn how to S3 or EC2, people don't learn how to illustrate but how to Photoshop, or how to C4D. "Oh, I couldn't possibly make music without Ableton.." This is sad.

Tonight at 20:00 CEST

Kamizdat presents Rentgen TV live stream with upcoming producers and DJs dvidevat and Nulla promoting a new digital split debut release titled 068/078-1

This is our first Bandcamp live stream. You can write me with an email address to get on a guest list or support us with a 1€ ticket.

Please join us!

(in your timezone? ->

Heading out into the real world for the first time in over a year. 🙀

The Audacity/telemetry PR was closed, the author said they won't use Google or Yandex, and it *looks* like there's a fork that will never have any telemetry that the KXstudio team is going to maintain.

The whole situation is worrying but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.



its my own band - @eruers - because that was what i was doing all last week.
writing new songs, writing & rewriting lyrics, producing current songs for the album, vocal training, mastering & working on live setups. as well as hardware stuff to help

its was a productive week for sure, which im going to extend even further 😘

#music #monday #audio #sound #share #boost

the condition to watch a live bandcamp stream is a 'fan' account there (it's free), but I wonder how many of you have a bandcamp account?

(pliz boost)

0.05% of people who clicked through actually signing is an absurdly low rate, I think. This is an important campaign and I don't know what to do about this.

Is citing "technical issues" and moving to fucking google forms the way forward?

It seems amateurish, but so is the alarmingly low signature count. It looks like nobody cares about the issue, but I think probably about 14000 people do .

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Telemetry tracking coming to an audio editor near you!

Their decision is official.
(Not hot-linking to PR in question on purpose)

> We're closing this PR. We've taken on board 'no Google' and 'no Yandex' and Muse are now looking for a good alternative (thanks to those who recommended other open source solutions by the way). Please understand that this will take a little time to organize and a concrete plan will be published soon - at any rate this week.

Good morning! Today, I"m mostly building an online empire.

As you do.

i have been thinking to even build my own effects in max8. just because it is full control & can still bring in my lovely BIAS plugins

the main thing is to sort out the DAW stuff, even though i have gotten some things working, there are hiccups that need attending. rather than just moving on to something that takes my time away from the creative process. even though that itself would still be a creative process

ahhh, the terror of being & doing, lol

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ugritone have a sale on for the KVLT drums II
for about $30, which is damn nice

dont think the sale is on for a long time, so its worth acting. they do put on sales often. but this drum plugin is not often put on sale

#music #audio #plugins #sound #drum #drums

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