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Pretty proud of my mobile menu. Much better user experience on a phone or tablet.

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@HMAnderson39 Shame his party have ruined the ability for UK musicians to easily tour the EU for the near future. The hand cock.

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As Matt hancock is trending one last time for this one 😂😂

Do we get to overthrow the upper classes again today?

I must say that this WordPress theme is really rather good.

I'm building cart pages and mobile special menus and whatnot.

Is fun.

Compressing web pages, compressing images, running cache optimisations, clearing databases.

all that muisician stuff. 🤣

I've switched off WordPress stats on my website in their hidden settings section.

I've removed paypal for woocommerce as well.

These slow down my website an incredible amount.

Western idea of freedom is reductionist to the point of being meaningless. Freedom is the amount of agency a person has within society. People who spend majority of their lives toiling just to meet their basic needs are hardly free in any meaningful sense.

Reading a bunch of PDFs about online store marketing. If I'm gonna make money from my music it is weirdly gonna be mostly made from selling merch and physicals.

so I'm looking into how the hell to do that...

Thom Yorke's done a collaboration with Radiohead on a remix of his own song. Here's the doom version of Creep:

The other thing that I really want to work out is how covers work. I want to make a bunch of covers and I want to do it legally so the people who I cover benefit as well.

No idea where to begin with this. Anybody?

I have to sort out a way of creating physical audio merch as well.

I've got a print partner who live in the woods of eastern europe that print my clothing and prints.

But I neet to try and find a relatively simple and cheap place that prints Vinyl and Casettes and CDs and 8-tracks. etc...

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as do links to where it can be listened to (obvs). But the phrasing around this seems to be follow and not stream.

Which surprised me.

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I've been looking at other bands websites to see what mine is missing and what I could provide for other people.

Some sort of newsletter and a shop really seems to be popular.

Currently thinking a rebrand is on the books...

I am here. And looking for fellow musician tribe that I can be a part of.

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