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no cookies or trackers from where I'm coming from.

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Saw a documentary on Physarum polycephalum AKA "The Blob" last night.

It's a single giant cell.

Although it does not have a brain or nervous system, this organism is still capable eating, moving, learning and teaching.

It is neither an animal, nor a plant, nor a fungus.

It has been living in the undergrowth for more than a billion years.

In its natural state, it feeds on bacteria and mould (fungi). In the laboratory, the scientists give them oats flakes.


I'm gonna tell my therapist all about YOU.

anyone on the fediverse live in tbilisi and want to go for a walk or get a drink tomorrow?

Anyone have recommendations for learning raytracing code? Specifically with a focus on low-level environments, like 8 or 16 bit.

I get _really_ into opening credits of things. Examples:

- Game of Thrones (made me learn 3D)
- Se7en
- The Expanse

There's probably more. Check out these:

Fuck yeah. We're on Bandcamp. Follow us to be the first to hear when we release new music:

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No sniffers, no trackers, no GDPR, no ads, no cookies, no data collection, no marketing, no mailing list, no donation box, no scraping, no terms & conditions, no permission, no money. Who you are and what you do are no business of ours.

You tell me all these things and I still dont understand them.

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A math teacher owns a pair of binoculars that let her have sexual intercourse with Zen Buddhism.

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