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To me it is fundamental. It gives me emotions. This is important to me who sometimes feels like their emotions a simple and difficult to get.

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I'm trying to justify why music is important.


Sync and so that programming audio also programmes visuals.

Project into the internet via tubes.


Build digital and analogue instruments to record an album and then giving all the stems and source files away for free so people can remix.

And then repeat it.


use to design an interface linking to and using and projection map live music and animations onto buildings around Europe.

Or something.

Trying to think of ways to make my website more....

..... than it is. Just a little bit.

But more.

@SkinnyFeels @natecull
TIL the/a Frankenstein region [1] actually borders France and was controlled by France briefly after WW II.


👓This #ReactiveWild submission is a pair of @Raspberry_Pi Zero W-based #smartglasses, we really meant it when we said to drive #innovation for this challenge.

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Original tweet :

OW #4 is out, btw. In this contribution, I examine various ways in which designers have conceptualized, expressed and exerted their power.

(pic by Billy Fleming)

Build an app using Godot that can build interfaces for controlling both music software AND visuals then using that to perform live.

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I have no idea where to begin this or what I need to know, but it's gonna be hella fun trying to find out if / how this is possible.

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Also discovered that there are plugins for Godot Game Engine & Blender so you can totally design an interface in godot pump output to both blender AND Ardour / Logic / Ableton(??)

That could be so much fun.

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Open Sound Control Specifications:

Imagine binding together Logic and Blender and Processing and making mad stuff!

Current obsessions:

- Sonic Pi
- Blender
- Godot Engine
- Processing
- Logic Pro

Gonna mix them all together and see what comes out.

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