Holy fuck it’s been ages since I’ve used Mastrodon ._.

Apologies for being barely active in Mastodon, been almost 3 months here huh.

So here’s a thing, I have never played an Ace Attorney game before. I decided to try and play it, and I really seem to enjoy it. and I also find it entertaining too. Right now, I’m close to finishing the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (I’m playing Trilogy on 3ds btw lol)

If you seem interested in playing Ace Attorney, I would recommend getting the Switch version of Trilogy (or get the 3ds version if you don’t have a switch) You might enjoy it as well.

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Wait why did I say mastrodon. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Made a mastrodon account and oh boy...this feels like Twitter but less cancerous...I might play around with this.


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