Hey kids. Keep those selfies flowing! Remember. If people do not find you attractive you are without redeeming value. There is only one way to excel and that is through visual aesthetics!!! Snap! Post! Get validated!

There was a moment right at the beginning of COVID where I was like, well, this is going to be absolutely terrible, but it’s at least going to be absolutely terrible for the whole world, so maybe it will be the kick in the pants we need to put aside our petty nationalist bullshit and finally pull together as one species sharing one fragile planet.

What I’m saying here is, I’m an idiot

@jalefkowit The game is "armoured commander II", with a "u", and steam search sucks so much that if you search for "armored commander" it does not find it.

the cavalier ("where special people congregate"), 114 fifth avenue, la crosse, wisconsin, 2003

paypal is all like 

congratulations! you've been sent $20.00

here's your $19.51!

would you like to transfer your paypal balance of $18.22 to your bank?

$16.89 transferred to bank account

enjoy your $15.54!

Traditionally published author friends:

Yesterday, Penguin Random House stated under oath that $100,000 was not a large advance.

Get that official transcript before negotiating your book contract.

If you're looking for a light, casual wargame to fill the occasional idle minute, I can't recommend Armored Commander II highly enough.

It's a kinda-sorta-roguelike, where you play as the leader of a single tank crew trying to survive World War II. There's light RPG elements, as your crewmembers accumulate XP that you can spend to skill them up in various ways. But the core of the game is the battle engine, where you pick your path from objective to objective, fighting all the way.

If you survive one day, you get to go on to the next. If you survive the entire campaign (which you can set to as many days as you like), you get to go on to the next one.

50 campaigns are included, from the obvious to the obscure (Khalkin Gol, the Winter War, Italy on the Eastern Front, Burma, Luzon).

Your crew rides through them in a meticulously modeled, period-appropriate tank. Hundreds are available to choose from, including 12 distinct models of the U.S. Sherman, 8 of the Soviet T-34, and 9 of the German Panzer IV. A range of less well-known vehicles are also available, including tankettes, tank destroyers and flamethrower tanks.

You can save and quit at any time, making it an ideal game for when you've got ten minutes to kill.

It costs $9.99 on Steam, an absurdly low price for the amount of content included. The Steam version is for Windows, but it runs perfectly on Linux under Proton. The source code is also on GitHub, so if you prefer you can build it for Linux or MacOS yourself.

The original version of the game, which only included one theater and Sherman tanks, is free on Steam as a kind of demo.

Don't let the PETSCII graphics scare you off; this isn't Dwarf Fortress. It's much more accessible than that. If you have any interest in the subject at all, you won't regret picking it up.


under communism there only be one big pokemon and he will be named Beth

I work for darpa and we just finished putting a laser on top of a dog robot but we also put a smile on the front so you won't be afraid of it

you know what they say, you lorem, you ipsum

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