I dealt with this Karen today. She picked up two ibuprofen and two paracetamol. It was where I should have bellend for management. I should not have allowed the daughter to buy the other two after I told Karen about the restriction. The sign is up and she claims to have got two sets before. Also that she would have to pay £4 bus fare to get another painkiller. Not my problem. Just go to another store.

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She told her daughter to get some giving her her card. She is a lying twat. Either way it is company policy. I should not dwell on it. Not my fault you're a cunt. I should have said more. Challenge Karen. I am not getting in trouble over this entitled woman. I ought to have leapt over to give her a slap as she deserves one.

It is company policy and the staff members should stand their ground. The caucasity of this bitch. I thought that she had come back but was a different woman. People enter the store without being told to as someone is leaving. Others don't follow the one way system or weren't wearing a mask.

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