Illustration. My butterfly fairy design again. I decided that she's a monarch! I'm still working on the outfit, but I like it so far. Pencil.

Illustration. Painting in Krita. Same kneeling figure as previous. My own design.

Figure drawing in pencil. Tried to be more dramatic with the pose. Tried a roundish platform this time.

More of this new character I am designing. Her name is now Kimiko. Here is a height comparison. Kimiko is only about 5 foot one inch tall. The figure beside her is what I would call average height.

I shared my first 3D model. It's the fairy antenna that I made in Blender as reference in a recent project. Here is the link on ShareCG:

Some people have downloaded it. So I will put up more of them in the future.

Worked on this new character a bit more. I changed the hair to wrap around the face, and, more significantly, changed the nose. I'm thinking futuristic setting. Pencil on paper.

Character design. Young adult female asian. Bob haircut. I had never heard of an epicanthic fold. Now I know what that is.

Fairy design. I feel like the cone shaped hair is rough and grass-like. I added butterfly antenna with the club ends. I would probably put butterfly wings on her as well. Maybe next sketch.

My second attempt at Cupid. I reworked the proportions. I'm happier with this now.

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