Yo what’s up with the local feed? Why am I only seeing Spanish speakers?

@THE_NUMB_SKULL the app got viral and a lot of kpop stans nd ppl joined

@sungho that doesn’t really explain it tho, everyone was more or less on the same page just yesterday

@THE_NUMB_SKULL @sungho :sm64_f: :sm64_u: :sm64_c: :sm64_k: :sm64_k: - :sm64_p: :sm64_o: :sm64_p: :sm64_s: :sm64_t: :sm64_a: :sm64_n: :sm64_s:

@RainingLeviathan usually local is English, the owners of this instance are English and most of the users are, apparently tho a tweet went viral and lots of random people joined for some reason

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