I haven’t posted here in a long time. Anyway have a nude.

Watch it enough and you just become desensitized to it honestly


Pull them down? Heh, naughty boy... go ahead then, it’s all yours <3


I may not have the most attractive ass, but my butt is thick and bouncy and that is enough uwu


Who lookin to make my throat bulge like dis 👀


I’m just gonna use this as an nsfw account lol

Some SUPER CUTE art by my friend! (His short sona with my tall sona lol)

Gay furry comic 

Sometimes gay furry comics are so surreal it’s just genuinely fucking hilarious.

Hey if anyone wants to join a good, fair, and open to everyone Discord server link is in bio!!!! <3

nsfw themed joke 

Some kings wear crowns, others wear caps


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