What's common between Saudi Arabia and India? The use of Twitter by the powers that be to shape public narrative and silence dissenters. Twitter as a company actively complicit. My article.

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Yahoo told a Kolkata-based molecular biologist and rights activist that his email "may have been the target of government-backed actors", @sukanyashantha@twitter.com and @AnujSrivas@twitter.com report thewire.in/rights/yahoo-email- via @thewire_in@twitter.com

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International tax emergency: a critical time for developing nations to speak up! socialeurope.eu/international- via @socialeurope@twitter.com

Devastating analysis of who really benefit s from the latest aid-driven push for "financial inclusion".

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I am looking for Econ PhD candidates who would like to do a post-doc at Columbia University under my supervision. Please apply before Nov. 30. aeaweb.org/joe/listing.php?JOE

Somewhere in the world, a judge is delivering justice.
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A Brazilian judge just ordered former President Lula da Silva released from Sergio Moro's prison.

An extraordinary day in Brazil - for the world, given Lula's stature.

The #AyodhyaVerdict decides nothing about ancient history (that being the realm of historians). But it communicates quite clearly modern India's values and the permissibility of using mob violence against religious minorities. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/in

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Prof. @Jayati1609@twitter.com, Professor of Economics, School of Social Sciences, JNU, is a leading development economist.

Prof. Ghosh is going to be a panellist at the Food Systems Dialogues 2019 and is going to offer her insights on the rural economy. @Krishak_Samaj@twitter.com

let them build a thousand temples to ignorance and bigotry
we shall yet teach the world what it means to be free

Saddened to hear of the death of PS Krishnan, former bureaucrat who continued to inspire us all with his tireless work and commitment to human rights, especially of Dalits and other oppressed people. He never gave up, which is especially important for us to remember now.

So Twitter users can add their #Mastodon profile link to their web page link in Twitter, which will result in verification of the Twitter link. You can also verify your web pages also. It helps to ensure accounts are genuine.

I now removed my :verified: sign from my #mastodon profile.

On #Mastodon we all are equal.

No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite.

We want equality right?

Feel free to use cross-posting in a way that helps Mastodon grow, i.e. copying posts from Mastodon to Twitter, but please avoid doing it the other way around, see our rules on that matter:


Thank you for understanding!

Contributors for Tusky Tamil Translation can start here.

Tusky/Tusky-app - Tamil @ Weblate

Hence those users who take pride in funky handles, as some do on the birdsite, should remember that out in the Mastodon Fediverse, your handle has two parts - the first part is your handle and the second part is the instance where the handle is registered. For example, FooUser@mastodon.social & FooUser@mstdn.social are TWO DISTINCT handles that exist on TWO DISTINCT instances. They may not necessarily belong to the same user. #newusers #tutorial

When you sign up, you need to know which instance you have signed up with. For example mastodon.social and mstdn.social are two different instances (servers). If you create an ID on mastodon.social, you will only be logging into the mastodon.social instance. To login to mstdn.social, you'd have to create an ID there as well. #newusers #tutorial

All those folks who are migrating from birdsite to the Mastodon Fediverse, please stop bringing all the bad practices like verified tickmarks out here. There is nothing great about being verified out here. Your username is specific to a particular instance (server). There is no point in using a verifed tickmark because a particular username can be used in another instance (server). And it is impossible to prevent that.

Let's say you create a handle called FooUser on mastodon.social with your usual email address. You will be FooUser@mastodon.social and you will be able to connect to the mastodon.social instance with your email address. However, if you try logging into the mstdn.social instance with your email address, you will not be able to login there, since that instance is entirely different from mastodon.social #newusers #tutorial

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