Are you telling me that a games company that exploits its polish workers isnt wholesome 100? and that its willing to bend to the rules of a dictatorship? but keanu reeves said im awesome!!1!!

repeat after me, whats cringe?


How would the Ship of Theseus apply to the mind? e.g if you replace one part of your brain with a computer replicant when you wake up would you be the same person? would you be effectively dead? and what would happen if you then slowly replaced your entire brain? and assuming that this would allow you to upload your brain at what point would you "die", or would you die in the first place?

:polarbear: we're fucked, global warming is killing us and major nations keep bombing others :polarbear:

Capital G gamers really be simping over CP2077

Whats with the bullshit manga that always have a self insert that always has black hair and smirks every second panel?, Japan pls

apology for poor english

when were you when google dies?

i was sat at home eating peanut bttr wen fone ring

‘google is kill’


UPDATE: it seems like you can access youtube by logging out of google, you can delete your cookies for in your browser settings (DONT delete cookies for other sites!!!!)

Seems like youtube is down my dudes, its not just in Asia :(

god /r/gaming really simping for CP2077 lol

GNOME is the best desktop environment and you cant convince me otherwise

Ok Can someone enlighten me, why was spinster banned off of FDroid

Rojava and Marez are proof that an anarchist society is possible in some capacity.

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