i just noticed the "russian state affiliated media" disclaimer on twitter and it's great

Reasons to not live with man-eating tigers:

1) no evidence 🐯 evolve into 🐱

2) they hang out around their prey for a while

3) guns help, but no guarantee of survival in a fight

4) super-human strength and claws

5) lots of defenseless people
🚨🐅🐅 🐅🐅🚨

Confirmed cases of Omicron variant of coronavirus:

- South Africa
- Botswana
- UK
- Netherlands
- Germany
- Hong Kong
- Italy
- Belgium
- Israel
- Denmark
- Austria
- Czech Republic
- Australia
- Canada
- Portugal
- Spain 

#Infodemiology - an academically formal way of saying that #GAFAM should be dismantled because of its role in spreading disinformation, while the #Fediverse and the #Wikipedia + other #WMF wikis and the decentralised #blogosphere should be supported:



#epistemology: Infodemiology is a branch of an intellectually (philosophically) fundamental question - what is knowledge? how do we know what to believe?

Anyone want $2 million?

All you gotta do is catch #Bigfoot, alive and unharmed, in Oklahoma


"Oklahoma's bounty on Bigfoot has grown to nearly $2.1 million only weeks after a bill was proposed to allow capturing of the mythical creature."

"The number one rule, Sasquatchers must capture Bigfoot unharmed and can’t injure anyone else or break any laws in the process."

**Less than 100 ICU beds vacant in Delhi hospitals, situation worsening: Kejriwal**

"New Delhi, April 18 Over 25,000 people have tested COVID-19 positive in the last 24 hours in Delhi and less than 100 ICU beds remain available in hospitals, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday, delivering more ba…"


#news #bot


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