Find out how many air filters you need for your space with this site:

The is the default option, but I'll be adding more options soon!

is the next big thing IMO because .

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along with lots of other pollutants.

You could begin to estimate how many filters you need with this site I made for the :

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A few weeks into COVID-19, social media posts thanking frontline workers became popular. A new study finds those messages of gratitude were/are actually critical for essential workers: Essential workers who feel public praise recover from burnout; those who don't feel the praise struggle to recover.

#science #covid #COVID19 #pandemic #frontlineworkers

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I lost my mum Jun 16 ‘20. Altho we were allowed to be with her when she was dying (wearing full PPE so no skin contact, no kisses or hugs) we’d been separated for 3 months - she was in a home whilst I looked after Dad sleeping on the floor of his 1 roomed sheltered housing flat😢
RT @SkyNews: Lindsay Jackson, who lost her mother to #COVID19, says that the prime minister is 'disgraceful for lying about breaking lockdown rules', and r…


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teste positif pour après l'événement super épandeur!

Pas bon, j'espère que tout le monde sera testé et s'isolera pendant 14 jours. Souhaitons-leur un prompt rétablissement.

tests positive for after the super spreader event!

Not good, hope everyone gets tested and isolates for 14 days. Wish them a fast recovery.

@daveshuken I hope so too. But it's pronounced now days isn't it? :haha:

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#BREAKING Massive cyber attack on Israeli government websites. Israeli security official tells Israeli media, it’s the largest cyber attack. Emergency situation declared.

Here is my latest blog post for emergency tech preparation. Given the state of the world is important to start preparing for disasters of all kinds. and apps are crucial for this as they provide security in the short term but sustainability in the long term.

This new article from Nature is pretty terrifying due to what it suggests about . It acts similar to in some ways.

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Reasons to not live with man-eating tigers:

1) no evidence 🐯 evolve into 🐱

2) they hang out around their prey for a while

3) guns help, but no guarantee of survival in a fight

4) super-human strength and claws

5) lots of defenseless people
🚨🐅🐅 🐅🐅🚨

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