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The internet sucks, but it doesn't have to be.

Our project is funded by people like you, and we need about $130 USD for an Apple developer account and Google Play Store account to publish the :pixelfed: Live app (and eventually the main app!)

Will you help us reach that goal? The preferred donation method is our PayPal, but you can also donate via or

Boosts appreciated, and thank you for supporting us ❤️ #pixelfed #communityFunded

hey, here's a way you can help me get away from my roommates in the coming months. they're the sort who believe because i do not conform to their way of life, that they must make mine difficult through passive aggression, spiteful behavior, and lies. Anything to chip in would be a tremendous help, I have bills, food, and gas to pay for that are impeding my progress, and i'm taking every bit of extra work offered to help get me away. Thank you for your time, boosts are more than appreciated

Is there a PixelFed instance designed for artists? While is also good for sharing arts, it seems to focus more on sharing photos due to being a generic instance.

If you know an instance, feel free to recommend it.

Boost appreciated :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

I deleted my vent posts because I wasn't feeling comfortable.

If there's something that I really need to get off from my chest, always vent it out on a journal, it's healthier than venting in public on a social media platform because you don't get the regret "oh I shouldn't have done this."

I still have a bit of a toxic relationship with myself, letting my doubts get the best out of me.

It's the weekend! I hope everyone's having a good one so far.

If you're inspired to make something creative, yay! If you're not, don't worry. It's okay to take time to let your brain 'cool down', and you shouldn't feel guilty for not 'being productive'. Self-care sometimes involves doing nothing at all, and that's totally fine and a very valid use of your time <3 You don't have to be productive *all* of the time. Don't wear yourself out.


Correction about shutdown:, the instance itself will not shut down, it's the relay that will be shut down. I read the About page too quickly and jumped into conclusion.

I have deleted my previous toot since it's gaining boosts and it's going to bring unnecessary anxiety to the community which I do not want.

Apologies for causing anxiety.

Hey art frens

It's okay, there are no algorithms here, you're not fighting to swim upstream any more :bear_hugs:

You can sit here and just breathe and look at all the pretty things coming across the timeline while you take time to untie the knots that the other nastier places left in your creative muscles.

You don't need to perform here. You don't need to prove anything. You're valid even when you can't put pen to paper. You have the heart of a creative and that's enough.

*hugs everyone*

Seriously though, targeted ads are really irritating and creepy. I have been using YouTube itself more which isn't good at all.

I should use Invidious more for watching YT videos because stuff like this bothers me a lot.

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Well damn, looks like there's a big spike in users joining Mastodon. The timelines are going a bit crazy.

Apparently it's because of Elon Musk.

Holy cow, I spent my time on Kerbal Space Program like crazy. 333 minutes, that's 5 hours and a half!!

Woah, I guess KSP is really fun to the point where I can spend hours on it.

Kloo doing the Tree yoga pose. Poses are hard for me, so it may look a bit off.

Interesting Hacker News discussion on a "Slow #Social" application.

"Slow Social, a #SocialNetwork built for #friends, not influencers"

Noteworthy the comment of the creator of the platform:

"It seems like #Mastodon and other federated networks definitely have user wellbeing and autonomy as a goal. However, for whatever reason, most of the more popular federated networks seem to aspire to be "X, but federated" instead of having drastically different user experiences."

Take Mastodon for instance, which is a libre open source software and it's free as in price (english is confusing). Because I didn't pay for the service, it means that I'm the product, but Mastodon doesn't serve ads and it doesn't collect personal information. So... what does "you are the product and not the consumer" really mean?

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I heard of the argument "If something is free, you are the product", basically if you don't pay for something, then you are the product. Logically, if you DO pay something then you are the consumer. However, I feel there's a flaw on this. Windows, you pay for the operating system, yet you are the product because Windows still collect personal information about you, and let's not forget about open source softwares. (continued)

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