@Psimon Yo just listened to your bumps album, I liked it. I’m listening to a lot of jdilla and madlib atm so I definitely fuck wit it. My question is why do you make it free? Or a better question is why do you advertise your beats as free? I also wanna say that I fw your website design, very simple. I like it.

Can we please normalize putting your hands in your pants please. Who’s with me!!! ?

seems like a cool dude would love to meet him in person and just talk about stuff, he seems moderately autistic so I think we would riff off each other pretty well lol

Everybody’s a supporter for mental health until they actually meet someone sufferin from that shit. It’s funny and I love it.

Met a dude at school that literally looks like the typical uninteresting side character of every anime

I’m not introverted I just know I will become a target for what I say. I be holding back at ALL time.

I wonder what an argument would be like if it had taken place in a room with just 0 echo.

Speaking bout girls with eating disorders I do not fuck with mukbang videos. Like they be looking all pretty and dolled up just to ultimately devour another animal

Girls with eating disorders just be straight up havin eating disorders. Nothing more nothing less

I probably won’t be able to change highly political peoples minds. But I’m sure god will. Simply being in the vicinity of someone receiving a diagnosis like cancer will laughably make you understand that he does not owe you anything. Go find god.

I’ve been myself my entire life, and maybe that’s not a good thing. I’m bout to get a fade, dye my hair, and make sure I complain bout things more often. Wish me luck world.

The 21st century changed the public’s idea of intelligence. It went from “what can you create” to “can you agree with me?”

My life is literally the director’s cut version of goodwill hunting

It’s unfairly hard meeting ambitious passionate people.

Chiropractors on youtube just be creepy and rapey.

@mike That just means that there are unlisted steps that didn't meet the editorial standard. The actual scheme written out in full actually works like this:

1. do crimes
2. get money
3. go straight
4. invest
5. earn

New website idea. A live ranking of every public bathroom in your city including: McDonalds, Burger King, and even your local high school! This is gonna do numbers people. Invest.

Why influence the world if I can influence my kids, with a 100% success rate.

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