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Pewdiepie was always cringe to me. Only time I would watch him would only be when taking a shit. That is all.

@p @roboneko @lewdthewides @dubh @Eris @Natanahel @graf All these anime avatar #mastodon users posting hot anime chicks depress me. If you want a cute Japanese chick go to Japan and get one. Stop jerking off to cartoons and be a fucking man and get a real one. Ive fucked literal Japanese school girls in uniform who moaned just like the cartoons and guess what, i didn't do it by posting stupid shit on the #fediverse or browsing mastodon anime posts, i did it by leaving the house. 🤦‍♂️🇯🇵 #anime #hentai #newgab #cringe

@TheTweetOfGod I will be proficient in everything, I will not tunnel vision into 1 area. I will adopt all ideas and skills, as being flexible is sexy as fuck. Amen.

I really don’t fuck with Sony not allowing people to change the fan speed on the PS4. Like I really had to wait a whole 2 years just for a exploit to come out, to then finally being able to change the fan speed. Ridiculous man.

Playing games on a computer vs playing games on your console is a different vibe

God today I thank you for window tiling managers, you are too generous for this gift you have granted us.

On god why is every reddit live stream have some like unatractive guy playing the guitar, and half of the time they gotta always be doing some fucking Legend of Zelda cover.

AI generated images have something deeply unsettling to them. Like morally wrong. Disturbing abominations of reality. Yuck.

I be getting philosophical in the shower, really is a shame that I don’t write that shit down.


Man mothafuckas will really find ways to convince themselves of something they are not. Things are becoming so backwards now.

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