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I'm done self-improving. It was something I aimed for because I saw myself as inadequate. Fuck it.

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Guess the kanji #1 

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Favorite consonants: 

I asked a group of girls who were live streaming on Facebook how to get over a guy. They pulled a long story about a girl who went in and out of relationships. In her happy ending she ended up with her current boyfriend.
Point of the story? There was none but you could interpret it as "life goes on" I guess.

@007 heyo~ have a nice Wednesday evening/night

Guess the kanji #4 

Do you have any recommendations for 2 player games no longer than 30 min?


Why has DragonForce suddenly gotten stuck in my head? Haven't listened to them for so long...

At least Mika has good songs in French

Why am I studying Freeeeeeeench
Not useful for meeeeeeeee
La pomme de terre

Guess the kanji #3 

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