Okay, how hard is it to design an HDMI switch box with all the bloody sockets at the back, people?

The ports face the back, the switch button faces the front. Not rocket surgery. :blobfacepalm:

Related: Seeing Currys charge 拢50 for a store-brand switch box (Sandstrom) somehow reminded me of when they tried to pass off their Matsui brand as actual Japanese tech. >.>

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@Jo wait what

SubwayTooter 1 0 0

@Tiro And here's a NYT article on the Matsui brand (They even had the guts to use the slogan "Japanese Technology Made Perfect" despite none of its products or its components being built anywhere near Japan. :blob_laughing: ):


@Jo I just looked it up and gotta admit I was fooled by the Matsui branding lol

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