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Reposting my with the hashtag this time! ✨

Like many others, I'm trying this place out given the recent Twitter news!

So, hi! I'm Ryan - better known as Toadsanime on Twitter (RIP my verification badge).

I work in as marketing director at Super Rare Games, where I also do some biz dev stuff + created the Mixtape, a physical compilation of !

I'm previously a games journo, a BAFTA Games judge, and am mostly known on for sharing 👋

Thanks @PlayStationUK (@FragFox + @johnfvega85) for the flowers. @ReeceBullet and I grew up with PS as our first consoles - he would've found this very surreal. ❤️

Again, thanks so much for the condolences everyone, emotions all over atm but you've made me feel very loved.

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Sorry for being totally disconnected from everything for a week - need it to process and whatnot. Mostly just playing shitty comfort games until I'm given some news and can get his affairs in order. I'll be back soon (I stress about being gone and losing relevance)

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Thanks for all your condolences, I haven't the energy to respond but have been reading every one and it means a lot. ❤️ Still in complete shock, feel it hasn't hit me at all yet. I'll be disconnecting from everything for a few days to process.

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Hi, my twin brother has unexpectedly died. I'll be away for a bit.


A first-person psychological horror game, with likely intentional P.T/Layer of Fear type vibes, I'll be interested to see what the reception to this ends up like!


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I'm all about the PS1-style revolution we're going through right now, so this low-poly combat racer was a welcome reveal! Think Wipeout x Star Fox.

PC - Autumn 2022 @RetrovibeGames

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Rose and Locket

Metroidvania fans are eating good lately. This cinematic run-and-gunner gives me strong Guacamelee vibes, which is a huge compliment.


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Project Warlock II

Hell yes, this retro FPS' predecessor was a total blast, so this juiced up sequel will be an easy day 1 play.

PC - in Early Access @RetrovibeGames

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There is No Light

A super stylish, fast-paced 2D top-down hack-and-slash. Looks super slick dashing about and dicing up enemies! Looking forward to this one.

PC - September 2022 @HypeTrainD

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It's just going to be Chris Pratt's normal speaking voice, isn't it?
RT @DiscussingFilm
Chris Pratt says his Mario voice is “unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.”


Gungrave G.O.R.E

Campy, over-the-top, character action goodness - this looks like a fun third-person shooter.

PS4/PS5/XBS/PC - Autumn 2022 @primemattergg

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Skate Story

This is so beautiful and so me that it almost hurts. Extraordinary visuals, extraordinary music, this is simply delightful and very special.

PC/? - 2023 @bysameng

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The Plucky Squire

Good giddy god, just look at it. A storybook adventure game that crosses 2D + 3D worlds in a beautiful way. One of the mst endearing trailers of the fest events.

PS5/XBS/Switch/PC - 2023 @apossf

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Anger Foot

Kick down doors and kickass in this vibrant first-person-kicker. I adored the original itchio demo and was thrilled to see this full-blown reveal - one of my most anticipated games of the fest.

PC/? - 2023 @Free_Lives

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Cult of the Lamb

I think most peeps know about this sacrificial action-roguelite by now, but it's looking sharp and is great to have a close release date announcement.

Switch/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBS/PC - August 11 @cultofthelamb

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have you grappled yet

with the dog

the grapple dog????
RT @SuperRareGames
The has begun! ☀️

You can pick up a copy of the swingin' summery super platformer Grapple Dog for 33% off! 🐶✨

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition announced, launching July 19.

The game is also coming to iOS + Android the same day via Netflix, and a physical Switch version is launching in October:

Sorry if you're waiting for a DM response by the way - I use them for work purposes (very effective!) but means I get 100-200 DMs a week.

Catching up today! ✨


More unionising, more strikes. I'll deal with being inconvenienced if it betters the lives of 10,000s of workers. If the government aren't going to fix the living crisis, the chaos of strikes should wake them up a bit.
RT @SkyNews
BREAKING: British Airways workers at Heathrow have voted to strike during the school summer holidays in a move set to cause more travel chaos as the industry struggles to recover from the pandemic.


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