Dragon Age: Absolution, a new animated series for Netflix, announced - coming December


Shadow and Bone: Destinies announced, a new narrative RPG based on the Netflix show

Too Hot to Handle is getting a video game adaptation next year, for some reason

Lucky Luna is a beautiful Japanese folklore-inspired platformer from the team behind Alto's Odyssey, coming this Summer from Netflix

Desta: The Memories Between from ustwo (Monument Valley) is coming to Netflix this year.

Weird to say original indie games are coming to Netflix!

Poinpy is a new game from the creator of Downwell - published by Devolver Digital, available on Netflix (yup!) now!

Devolver also bringing Terra Nil and Reigns to Netflix:

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, a Reigns sequel inspired by Chinese epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is coming to mobile and Netflix this year

Big the Cat + Froggy will appear in Sonic Prime, the animated series coming to Netflix this year

Raji: An Ancient Epic is coming to Netflix later this year.

(The video game, not a show)

Castlevania: Nocturne announced, a new Netflix show following Richter Belmont

That's that for Netflix's gaming show.

Thoughts? Still really weird to see cult classic indie hits + new indie games coming to Netflix. Will be hard in future to make clear whether that's a game or a series adaptation!

Covering all these showcases is no easy feat (there's 22+ of them) around work!

I genuinely enjoy doing 'em, but if you find these threads useful and you're feeling particularly generous, you can tip me on PayPal to fuel me 🙇‍♀️


@Toadsanime the games are coming to #Netflix? so I can play them with the subscription? :thonking:

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