I swear, i feel like 70% of my desktop applications are qt based.

idk I think are a bust. I can't even tell if my video got on the shelf

My links page on neocities just got a big update. New websites links, New channel links. A sexy favicon, it's even animated if you use and some cosmetic changes

Remember the INN that didn't have any room for baby on ?
I wonder where the owner is now 🤔 🔥 🔥

With most people watching YT on mobile these days, is there really a point in rendering YT videos above 720p heck even 480p, is probably good enough

All I want for Christmas is Gen 4 remakes :blobaww: ! Make it happen and

I've been having some fun with lxde. It's nice and light weight, and I've found a new work flow I like.

Happy Black Friday Everybody
⚔️ 🛒 ⚔️

Happy Thanks Giving Y'all
enjoy the turkey and the family

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