Apparently when I get angry, I can't talk as much. I just have to focus really hard on not getting angrier and my social level shuts down. Learning new stuff about myself..

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So originally the incredibly talented writer rlucine was going to contribute to the #cyberpunk anthology I'm working on, but her piece grew so large that it now deserves to stand alone as it's own work.

It's also one of the best stories I've ever read

You can read her incredibly poetic transfem manifesto on grief and love in a dystopian Minneapolis here

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also, to Lain fans... The game is a canon add-on to the anime. It's a lot more messed up. But, but it's also good. :-)

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I played Lain Game all day, and I think... I think it should constitute as psychological torment. Maybe I should sue. /j

For me it wasn't that bad... But I did have a few "wtf" feelings at a few parts. Meanwhile, host wailed in the background over uh, over its plot and tragedies. Which is fair.

I have dull senses including, including my sense of taste. I tried a uh, a chamoy and tamarind, cherry candy. I could taste most of it... :-)

I guess I have to, I have to eat something insanely strong in flavor, to notice it.

Horrible urge to draw myself in an anime style...

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Kept thinking our appointment was tuesday but.. but it's actually tomorrow. Feeling shrug about it. Insert an image of me shrugging.

Why would a cat be created, made with such a soft belly that can't be pet? Something in the universe must be, it must be extra cruel to have made that a rule...

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The urge to squish our kitty's round soft belly... is always present in my mind. I just don't want, I'm not wanting to become a spiraled ham. /j

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"I can't believe I kissed a man I don't even have added on steam"

Well, you know, they... they teach you a lot of things over there... Including the lifting of, of giant televisions.

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