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I return from... From the depths of Hell, to uh.. deadlift a bunch of TVs or, or something funny like that.

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We're getting over our sickness I think... But now it's, it's in the stage of: The most ridiculous gas ever.

I had to share that somewhere, because this is the internet, and you share everything here of course. (-:

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You are Aya. A non-binary aromantic teenager who just transferred to an all girl high school. You planed to finally make some friends… But all the girls want to date you 😱!

This is “I Just Want to be Single!!“, the reverse dating sim where your goal is to make friend with your classmates while managing to stay single.
It’s currently being financed on Kickstarter and should be available on GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows!

I am a genius. Ice pack on forehead. I am, I'm living the menhera dream.

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Adorable cat making disgusting sounds outside my door. She just makes ugly meows sometimes. Normalize ugly meows.

Update, on this sticker: It drowned. (From sink water).

Maybe I'll, I'll make another sometime.

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Bad headache... Oh well?
We, we don't have ibuprofen right now. I would... I'd still like some.

Send me it through your screen.

If smashing Tv's over all our issues could solve them, I would be good at this... But I'd need a lot of Tv's. /j

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Angie's poopy no-fun actually kind of miserable adventure: getting through the poopy no-fun actually kind of miserable day

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Travis in his fursuit. Travis in his fursuit. Travis in his fursuit.

Women fear me, fish fear me, men turn their eyes away from me as I walk,

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Cap'n Crunch box that jus says, "Oops! All Bullshit"

Travis in his fursuit. Travis in his fursuit. Travis in his fursuit.

... Not... not being able to taste food because my senses are so dull, makes eating very... boring. /-:
Oh, well.

Having to pretend a fancy root beer is delicious when... when I don't have strong senses and can't tell any difference... ?-:

I've been at front for... for 2 days straight now and... It's felt like 500 years. Time is literally a lost concept on me. ?-:

Note to self... Want to make... I want to make a tiger "sona".

(-: ?

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