will my electromagnetic frequencies prevent me from ever finding love?

I've seen French, Spanish, one of the Far East languages (I'm sorry. I can't distinguish between the languages.), Greek, Arabic on mas.to. Cool. Not that I can speak or read them. Well, I am learning Arabic, but have had difficulty. Medications I am on have played havoc with my short-term memory. Now you think that would help with the memory of French 1 and 2 from the 70s, but I'm rusty with that too. But I plan to relearn them.

I was born in '71 and lived about 100m from here on Charlton Place

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Fabulous picture of Upper St in the 60s

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.

Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

I am in southeast PA and the Lenni-Lenape tribe was in this area in Chester County, PA.

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As for paranormal shows, my favorite is "The Dead Files". Not only do you hear the stories of the people but you get a history lesson as well. Oh, meant to mention, my friend's childhood home apparently was built on Indian burial grounds. Sadly, as the area became populated, the Indian cemeteries were unmarked at times and also many were callously built upon by uncaring settlers. You will find though many of these properties have definite paranormal activity. Karma can be a real avenging soul!

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moved some items from where they had been for years, mostly furniture. That made the spirit miffed and one night it took a decorative plate that was in a wall bracket and sent it across the room. After that they were very careful about moving any furniture around!

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A friend of mine at her childhood home had something paranormal going on. Her family was so used to hearing heavy footsteps on the floor above their heads that they would tell "Hello!" up to it. One night while her mom, she and I were playing cards, I heard the footsteps. That was so cool! And there was nobody upstairs, it was just us 3 there. They would have times of hearing breathing near them, and sometimes items would be moved. The only time the spirit was angry was when my friend's mom

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I am a fan of the paranormal and feel there are so many things that cannot be explained, and who am I to say they don't exist. If there is an afterlife, I am sure there are many souls that are restless and figure, "I am getting bored of Here, so let's go back to Earth and see what's going on!". I would love to do that and be invisible. If I saw an animal or person being abused, I could teach the abuser one hell of a lesson and they wouldn't see me!

A still of Banshee from Megabattie's title page: so cute wrapped in her little blankie! Bats are made as comfy as possible to ease them into care by humans. Most bats seem to appreciate the human caregiver's aid:

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strong lungs and is growing strength. We are hoping for continued good health for Banshee and that many more rescues survive. The odds against bats right now are strong, but we hold hope that the bats will be even stronger!

Just published an hour ago, a video of feisty Banshee doing well and speaking her mind!

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have to be recycled). Please make these wind turbines safer and more environment-friendly if possible. OK, off the soapbox.

Well, after poor Megabattie having so many rescued juvenile, and even adult bats passing if this mystery disease, or malnutrition due to wildfires destroying many bat habitats and bat feeding areas, she has a case that we are praying remains a success. She rescued a bat who has a concussion, as many rescued do, and this little bat, named Banshee for obvious reasons, has

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On YouTube, channels like Megabattie, Baby Bats of Australia, Batzilla the Bat and many more work to rescue stranded, lost and abandoned baby bats. The abandoned bats are not exactly abandoned, but many were dropped by their mothers as a result of being electrocuted, attacked by predators or even being hit by cars. I also have a bone to pick about wind turbines, which are not bat or bird friendly and lead to hundreds of bird and bat deaths a year (not to mention tons of unrecyclable blades that

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Sadly many juvenile bats being rescued currently in Australia are dying from something that causes them to develop soft bones and bleeding in the lungs. Fruit bats are now considered an endangered species, as well as a protected species. Zoology labs are researching what may be harming the bats but sadly they are not even taking deceased bats for study as they have so many specimens to study and are lagging behind. It's very sad considering how important bats are to ecosystems and agriculture.

Love the rescued bats that are featured on these channels on YouTube:




Not only are they adorable, but they are beneficial for life by killing vociferous crop-eating insects and for seed propagation by actually leaving undigested seeds from eaten fruit and food plants to grow. Smart little cuties too! These bats are all rescued in Australia.

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