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I have got my 1st salary in foreign currency. I could buy 🍺 for you, but you don't know me (dm me if you do)

We live in a room without electricity for now, so we tried candles as a temporary solution. And now we are not going to deny them, it's sooo cute and comfortable!

Why not Putin just to announce a referendum of all people in outer space on annexation of the entire space to Russia

The best way to make slides for a presentation is to accept the truth: you are the speaker, not the slides. You talk, and they keep silent.

Actually, the main purpose of slides is to block visual noise, nothing more.

Finally, making complicated slides is just time consuming, so why not spend this time for something more productive like playing with a kitten

I have called to a usual phone using Skype for the first time today. Unbelievable! So cheap, so easy. I'm shocked. I'm happy to share this incredible feeling with the world. I feel like a piece of starlight. Wow! No one answered my call though. Anyway, I'm so happy. I'm crying.

What an adorable little guest has visited us this evening)
These creatures really SCARE ME 😰 Especially their eyes. Soulless eyes of a killer.


Well, I expected the thread will lead me to some brilliant ideas. It didn't.

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Maybe I should stop asking stupid questions and look to a dictionary. Merriam-Webster tells that "important" means "valuable".

Ok, so I should focus on things I value.

Obviously, my next question is: how to distinct things I value from things I like? I like popcorn and TV shows, but I'm not sure I value it.

How do I know this? I have no idea.

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For example, someone says: "It's important to help others". What does it mean?

They WANT to help others? I'm sure sometimes they want to beat others too, IYKWIM.

They MUST help others? But to pay taxes too.

Maybe they believe helping others will make the world better? Then "importance" means usefulness for the world.

OK, then what is "importance for ME / for them/ etc."?

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Perhaps, importance is something related to principles I believe in. But principles are about "how", not "what".

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Yeah, looks like I'm just procrastinating... I am, indeed... But I'm really confused, as I've never thought on what importance is. I understand things like "I want", "I must", but not "it's important for me".

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"Focus on important things only". Sounds like something that helps to reduce a to-do list.

But I'm stuck on... what is important?

I mean, what is "being important"?

Dumb consultant thoughts 

1. Being a consultant means to be the smartest person in a team
2. Sometimes I am aknowledged as a good consultant
3. Sometimes I am extremely dumb
4. Scared to think on how dumb other people can be then
5. Fortunately, I don't have time to think about it

(it's just a joke. Russian oppositioners fighting with the fascist government are heroes. even though some of them are surprised that big companies sometimes are baddies)

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Leonid Volkov, a Russian oppositioner and ally of Alexey Navalny, is surprised why Meta doesn't struggle with blocking of Instagram and Facebook in Russia

Good morning

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