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Just found this lovely patent for a doll with human teeth.. you really can patent anything.

Sometimes in the mist of all the chaos& craziness of the world, it's nice to take a break, even if just for 2minutes to read something not of this world.
I've come across some amazing writers of short stories that usually fit in a single toot called #microfic or #tootfic on the #fediverse who brighten my day with their stories& encourage me to keep at my own.
If you ever need a break from reality, check out some members of the #writingcommunity


My friend called me just to support me and say that he approves my recent decision, which everyone else think is bad and crazy idea.

Such friends are invaluable.

It's not easy to find and follow people who write about things I'm interested in Mastodon. I would be very grateful If you can get me some recommendations who to follow 🙏

I like posts about:

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🎸 , , any good

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and any other things you guess I would be interested :)

(Boosts are appreciated 🍀)

2 musicians I discovered in Mastodon and recommend to listen and follow:

🎹 @kiki

🎸 @Buckythesheep

What do you think about registering your face as a trademark?
King Camp Gillette, an inventor and a founder of The Gillette Company, did it in 1906. You can find the Danish trademark with Gillette's face here:

The trademark is still active, so Gillette's face has legal protection even after almost century.

And you know what? On this image Gillette is with unshaven mustache! I mean, is this face appropriate for razor brand?

It's very inspiring to learn that some masters have made their own unique tools to create high-level masterpieces.
Just look at Weta and their Manuka! They make incredible CG and they had to create an entire program for this.

This makes me wonder whether it's possible to do really great things using ordinary tools?

I've just discovered the Retroboy app on F-Droid:

Really useful for those who want to reduce the filesize of images! Check out these examples using the Game Boy camera, Roy Lichtenstein, and Apple Macintosh filters 🙂

@romariorios Actually it bothers me more when someone stays quiet because they are ashamed of their English. I tell people all the time that they speak better than some people that were born and raised in America, Once I convinced an adorable girl from China that she spoke English well, She went from a shy quiet girl to an outgoing personality that made everyone smile and laugh.

Last week I wrote about , the last star of "Gone with the Wind" (1939).

The really important thing you should know is that one of key cases of history is named after her.

De Havilland Law is a precedent of 1943 that allows actors to star in films of another film company, even if their contract with current company forbid it. Olivia's legal struggles have given other actors more freedom.

Read more:

COVID-19: save lives with open intellectual-property licences

I'm proud of being an associate at the company that supports Open COVID Pledge. We help right holders to share their intellecual property. I'm sure this will make the world better, and I'm happy to be the part of this movement.

Neil Young sues Donald Trump campaign for using his music. The musician claims that Rockin’ in the Free World and Devil’s Sidewalk were played at the president’s recent rally in Tulsa without a license.

It's really funny, because 5 years ago Trump campaign manager promised they will stop using Young's music. Moreover, the used song was the same.


You can also organize a some easy way to get a trademark and patent licenses from you. This will allow you to completely control your product. For example, you can give necessary permissions to anyone, but not give it to persons you don't trust or respect.


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Let's make two conclusions:

1. Free licensing is not a panacea. If something is licensed under GNU General Public License or any of Creative Commons licenses etc., it still doesn't mean that it 100% may be copied. Please keep this in mind.

2. If you want people to know that they are allowed to copy your product freely, don't forget to add at least a promise to not sue them for a trademark or a patent infringement.


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The algorithm for profile matching is also protected by the patent. So, event if the program code of Tinder was free or Match Group's copyright to it was challenged, the Tinder's method for matching would be still protected.

Finally, Match Group can protect its rights through competition law and some other legal ways that don't require any registration of rights.


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