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I begin to worry about people around me become more magical thinking. I know it's the result of the enormous anxiety caused by the war. I'm just afraid this will strengthen reasons of the war and aggravate the tragedy

🎮 It Takes Two is a pretty good game to play with a partner. And there was no need to buy it, we just bought the EA Play subscription for a month that was cheaper by 5 times 😏 Yeah, sometimes I admit the subscription model is brilliant))

I like 2 player games so much (moreover, this is the reason I bought PS), and it's a bit sad such games are not popular today 😕

The first time I leaved home during these New Year holidays. Just because I was busy chilling and watching TV show "Landscapers".
From the 1st episode I've learned that there is the proverb in France: la vie en rose. That means that you should look at stars, not to a ditch. You should look for beauty everywhere, even if this is hard.
Then I also learned that "La vie en rose" is the famous song by Edith Piaf. This is a really good song for walking the streets and looking for beauty these holy winter days.

#landscapers #beauty #streetlamp #edithpiaf

In social media, a typical company page is usually more interesting than a typical person's page, because companies aim to broadcast how cool they are in 🌱creation, while people - how cool they are in 🥗consumption.

After watching The Suicide Squad (2021) I want a tattoo "Hey! Ho! Let's go!" like on Harley's bag

3 authors whose works become public domain in 2022 in :

- Ludwig Wittgenstein
- André Gide
- Sinclair Lewis

Standard Ebooks is a pretty great source for #drm-free #ebooks. They take #PublicDomain books from #ProjectGutenberg and improve the quality (typography, metadata, cover art, etc).

Hello it’s my #introduction. I’m new on Mastodon. I’m a hydrogeologist based in Indonesia, working at Institut Teknologi Bandung. I also support #openscience and make #sketchnote. :) here’s a Christmas present for all of you. My sketchnote from the book #TeachLikeFinland.

The attempt of my dragonborn warrior to get to know a woman in D&D:
Dragonborn: Do you have plans on this evening?
Woman: Nope. Do you have a suggestion?)
D: ...
W: ...
D: No. *goes away*

If you don't respect , at least respect authors. Attribute them, ask their opinion on your use of their work, support their creativity.
Appreciating someone's work doesn't mean supporting capitalism.

I'm 14: I want an electric guitar!
I'm 26: Oh, right. *buys an electric guitar*

Folklore isn't copyrighted. But what is folklore? Can memes be named as folklore? If a picture is the result of spontaneous creativity of many people, I see grounds to name it folklore, and then memes must not be copyrighted, right?

Patent for a board game in Russia: myths and reality

Why do some believe it's impossible to get a patent for a board game in , and why this is a misconception


That is the Martial's epigram where he might be to use the term "plagiary" to refer to literary theft the first time.

Martial asks his friend Quinctianus to protect Martial's moral rights as a copyright holder.
That was 16 centuries before the first copyright statute.

In Latin:
In English:

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"Plagiarist" was the term for kidnappers in Ancient Rome. Marcus Valerius Martialis, a Roman poet of (1st century AD), is supposed to be the first one to use this term to refer to literary theft.

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