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#mastoradio is used in italian instances for music (as now playing)

#AmReading is used to talk about books

#mastohelp is used to ask for help with basically anything

Before I started my PhD someone told me that PhD Comics shouldn't be real life

too bad
it is

if you haven't discovered this yet, enjoy yourself


It's a thing. Shady people take #FOSS software, add as many #advertising / data snooping libraries as they can find, and release their own version via alternative channels.

If at least you release using a sensible licence such as #GPL you can get them done for #copyright violation (on the safe assumption that they're not publishing their source code). If you've gone all hippie with a #BSD / #MIT type of licence, then you're probably screwed.


If the technical problem of determining the connection between a derivative sauce and an original was solved, sauciers would have an opportunity to protect their creations from unauthorized copying by competitors and save their sauce art as their own legacy. Like Mr. Krabs, protecting his secret recipe from Plankton.


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If some certain sauce is an artistic work, it is going to be lost after a few hours after its creation. You say "Yummy!" and destroying a work.

Actually, just an original storage of the work would be lost, but not the very work. Every time a creates this again it is a work. It would be hard to determine the connection between a new sauce and an original, but this is just a technical problem, not .


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there is a special chef who makes sauces in professional kitchens – saucier.

I'm sure, making sauces is ! I mean, I have tried make a couple of complex sauces recently and that was not easy. And the result was wondering. I felt that was not just something technical, but artistic (it doesn't mean I am an artist, I'm just an amator).

So I would say that almost every sauce is an artistic work. Then it must be protected by ... 🤔

But there is an obvious little problem...


This year has changed me. Yeah, every year changes me, but this one is special. I reviewed my habits. I learned to not care about unimportant occasions. I discovered that I can do impossible things because most of are just in people's mind. I see now that world is much more flexible and unsustainable than I believed.
So the next year must be wonderful!

Starting create my own in . Very inspired by experience of other users and hope it will be exciting journey through my thoughts and ideas!

Writing is beautiful. I mean...
A thought lives in its own universe of mind and dies there. It's a jail for ideas. But writing gives to a though a new life in the external world, making a thought potentially immortal. Then a thought is not anymore just a prisoner of a person's mind, it can affect a mind from outside. It can overcome ages and generations. The whole Universe becomes a storage of this thought!
Yeah, writing is amazing.

Installed a browser extension limiting the amount of tabs I can open at the same time to 10.

This is really game changing!

Discovered a few I have been paying for but have not used... 😦 Cancellation was so inspiring that I also canceled Spotify, that I usually listen 😁

Saved money will be donated to some independent media and for the political prisoner Azat () ✊

As a I have to spent many hours among a lot of people in closed corridors while waiting hearings that are never start in time. It's impossible to keep social distance.
So... becomes dangerous.

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To prevent spreading of Russian arbitrazh courts (spesialized state for economic disputes) got the opportunity to make online hearings. However, there is no any regulating this. So some courts do such online hearings regularly, but others don't, just because they don't want.🤷
In result, there is no effective measures against the as well as no rule of .

A sad truth about podcasts:

I have to refuse to listen some great podcasts just because the episodes last more than 25 minutes, it is too long for my everyday time slots that are free for listening podcasts.
On the other hand, I understand that some people need episodes 40+ minutes for morning jogs.
There is no the same problem with TV/YouTube shows or texts.
I am so sad.

I also saw an egg. Abandoned or stolen, left cold on the ground and beyond my ability to save.

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I've searched for some to understand is there a such genre of . I've found some channels that are almost like something I look for:

1. Patrikovy Streamy (in ) - a few research streams about of vaccination, harmfulness of microwaves and other topics.

2. StealthIntel (in English) - this anarcho-guy researched some current events. There are just a few old videos.

Maybe you have seen something similar?

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