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Little scenes I see every day in my neighborhood in Tay Ho. I never get tired of seeing it all and taking photographs of it. The second shot is my little street. Love it all #hanoi #vietnam #photography

Just noticing that the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany building is beautiful

(The photo by Tobias Helfrich is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

"The Technodrome was kind of like The Factory and Shredder was our Warhol" 💔

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Making a character sheet is like beer: first you don't like it, and then you do

Martin Scorsese: "And we have to make it crystal clear to the current legal owners of these films that they amount to much, much more than mere property to be exploited and then locked away.”

// Jeff Bezos thinks our cultural heritage is just ‘intellectual property’

💊 Russia: The first ever case of challenging a compulsory license is considered. The Supreme Court rejected the claim of the US company Gilead, the owner of the patent for remdesivir.


It sucks when all the party members contribute to a boss kill but the final hit always belongs to the same player!
All I can is enjoy that I am that player 😏

I donated to Standard Ebooks.
They take existing transcribed public domain works, and format them in a manner that meets or exceeds commercial quality.
Books (written media in general) is exceedingly important for society, and making it as nice as possible to read (and later reference!) is a vital goal that most don't bother tackling - but they do.

I said I'd post here whenever I #donate and so I have.

Germany rejects US-backed proposal to waive vaccine :
"the protection of intellectual property is a source of innovation and must remain so".

Well, yep. However, as article 14(2) of German Basic Law states: "Property entails obligations. Its use shall also serve the public good".

That is what me and my colleagues have talked many times: corporations serving big social systems become new quasi-jurisdictions in image of archaic institutes. Significance of corporate quasi- is high as significance of corporations decisions at all - especially for and protection.

Believe me, blocking of social web pages under an administration's decision may be more effective than taking a action. And this practice must be researched.

My current choice is . Some time ago I didn't catch it's point and removed it after a few days of using because gamification required additional efforts like managing game progress and setting complexity of tasks... Now I have read the wiki of Habitica and understand some key points. actually shouldn't be the attempt to make tasks management a game. The app just helps manage tasks with more fun and motivation, but it's still first of all a app.

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My next choice for writing tasks down was . I don't know why. Actually, after a couple of days I've sadly found that the app is too slow and requires too many taps to make or edit a task. And I don't understand the feature of its calendar that is actually isn't independent, but just a way to browse a system calendar - why for?

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My task managemment a bit evaluated last weeks. For a long time I had been using as it's perfect to make lists of tasks, but then my system of lists became too complex, and Trello notifications didn't satisfy me, so I decided to choose some another app.

Nevertheless, Trello is still my main app for other kinds of lists: wishlist, reading list, checklists, etc.

Buying tickets to following gigs and putting them to my calendar ❤️

This week I've finally seen all 3 parts of The Lord of the Rings in IMAX. "Two Towers" is still the best, but of course I've got a lot of pleasure from all three parts 🗡

"It’s incredibly difficult to have a small business owner literally crying tears on the phone with you, because they just lost their or their business overnight"

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